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And the loss has stopped :(

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My weight loss has stopped for the last 3 months. It is extremely discouraging since I am almost at my goal. I shouldn't complain though. I started at 351 and am now at 168. I think the last of what I want to lose is the sagging skin.


For those who have had surgery to remove the excess skin

-how long did you wait after your weight loss surgery to do so?

-cost? I don't know if my insurance will cover all the surgeries (arms, legs, and stomach) I continue to get infections under my stomach so they might cover that one

Was it worth it? scars?


Thanks in advance

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Congratulations on the weight loss.  You've done a great job.   Can't give you any answers to your questions but I can tell you to document every infection.  Take photos, call the doctor and get it recorded.  The insurance process will require the documentation.  Good Luck!!!

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i had a tummy tuck with panni removal - insurance paid for the panni, i paid for the tummy tuck.  i had complications and spent time in iccu and in reab hosp, and it still hurt like hell at 6 weeks.

I will tell you that it was best money i ever spent!

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I had the lower body lift with muscle plication at 2 years 3 months post op gastric bypass on August 4th. It cost $14,000. I started at 5'4, 383 pounds and was 178 the morning of surgery. I am 7 weeks out form it and it is money well spent, the scars are so worth it. I now weigh 166 due to 12 pounds of skin being removed. In 3 weeks, I am having a breast lift, augmentation, arm lift and he's going to pull in some of my back skin when he does the arms and breasts ($16,000 for this one). So, it is a pretty hefty investment in yourself although many people will drop $30,000 on a car like it's nothing. I am 41 years old and I didn't want to be 80 one day and regret not having it done. Life is all about choices and I strongly feel like I made the right one. Also, because I spent $30,000, it will make it much easier to say no to that doughnut, doritos, or whatever knowing that I do not want to mess up my slim, trim self and the amazing amount of energy and confidence I have in myself. Realself is a good tool as you're thinking about cosmetic surgery. Oh, one more thing, for me I went with a plastic surgeon instead of having a panni removal only because I had already had an abdominal hernia and I felt that the muscle plication was the key for me in making my core as strong as possible and decreasing the likelihood of other abdominal hernias appearing. 

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