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Sept 1

Forward to Health

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so the surgery was over quickly and I was overcome with "what have I done!" But 3 days out now and i am almost 10 pounds down! I now know what I have done!

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Welcome to the losers bench!


The first few days can be rough but it's something that we all get through.  Congratulations on losing that 10lb!

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So now I am almost 2 months out and I am in a bit of a pause.  Sigh.  I have moved to fairly normal foods, per the doc, but I think I have slipped back into some old habits.  Grazing and snacking.

Even though the amount of Grazing and snacking is a severely reduced volume of food....it is there.  I think my brain hunger is based on the weather getting rainy and chilly.  I have fallen back to "but it's just yogurt...it is a healthy snack"  -- when intruth, that same size yogurt is really a meal for me now.  I have to remind myself that there is likely no sick thing as a snack for me any more.  I used to pick my way thru the morning...now that would spell disaster.

 So my plan is to only allow myself into the kitchen to prepare a plate. .. a full meal... and not grab and go.  That full meal may look exactly like the thing I am grabbing and going with, but it represents a break from a long g-instilled habit.

My husband is amazing--he has taken over prepping meals bc he knows me like I know me. 

Thanks forvlisrwning--I think I figured this one out.

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