2 weeks out and updates

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Before I had surgery I found TT and felt pretty encouraged. I have a high threshold for pain and read stories from folks who were happy as could be a week out- who almost jumped off the operating table to go for a walk. I felt the pain would be a non-issue and the nurse in recovery even said to me 'most people find there is little pain'.


Lies. But for ME. Some people probably do have little pain and are fine. I felt truly as if I wanted to die. I cursed my surgeon and myself and anyone around me for talking me into this. I regretted it more than I've ever regretted anything in my life. Because I cannot tolerate morphine I was on zero pain meds and the gas was almost more than I could take. The incisions were just irritating, my muscles hurt but that was manageable. It was the gas up under my rib cage and sternum. Pain.


Not trying to freak anyone out but realize that major surgery can mean major pain. And everyone says 'it will pass and get better' and for about a week after surgery I was so mad about that I couldn't even come here to post. But...it does get better- and it will pass.


Today I'm 2 weeks out and I never in a million years would have thought I'd feel this good by today- I didn't even think it was possible.


So be prepared for anything- push yourself to drink and walk whether you want to or not- do not be afraid to call the surgeon as much as you need to if anything comes up you weren't expecting- and hold on to the knowledge that this will pass. 


I'm not even worked up about the scale post-surgery. I am happy I'm no longer on 2 meds and insulin for my diabetes and no longer on blood pressure meds- at 2 weeks out.



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It's true that things get better each and every day. Glad things are on an upward tend.

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My pain was really bad as well. I think that's what I was most unprepared for. It must have been terrible for you with no meds. I set an alarm in my phone so I knew exactly when they were due & I was still miserable!

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