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Glad to be here but I've got questions!

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So it's official - I'm eight weeks along,out of my personal danger zone of m/c (I've had eight plus an ectopic) and we've seen a heartbeat on two different ultrasounds. Although we're not telling anyone, family included, until after twelve weeks I've definitely got questions for those who have been pregnant after GB. My nutritionist is currently on vacation so I can't bother her for awhile. :)


Protein - how much is too much? I've read several articles stating that pregnant women should get about 75 g - I average about 130. This includes a shake and seafood for lunch/dinner. I stick to seafood (shrimp/tilapia) because it goes down the easiest. Some articles say that too much protein can damage the fetus.


Calories/carbs - I was averaging 1200-1400 calories/day and 50 carbs pre-pregnancy. My nutritionist suggested 1700 calories and at least 100 carbs per day, preferably more since the baby's primary fuel is glucose. Is this on target with what you've been recommended?


Weight gain - I should gain around 15-25 lbs. I get that. Problem is, I've already gained SIX and I know it's from those freaking carbs!!! I just feel like it's too early to have gained so much weight. My pants already no longer fit (I know it's not uncommon to pooch out earlier after multiple pregnancies) but having to go up a size and looking at maternity clothes already is screwing with my head. My OB has taken me off all weightlifting since I'm high risk (wah!) and I'm too freaking tired to get up and do cardio. This is messing with my head big time - I'm sure anyone who's been pregnant post-GB has had nightmares like me where you're standing in Lane Bryant and crying because you've gained all your weight back (that nightmare sucked big time!).


Any advice? I'm tracking on MFP again (stopped when I was in maintenance cause I was eating the same thing every day and tracking was just silly), so I've got a good handle on what I'm eating. 

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