Newbie happy to find a group on men's issues

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Good morning,


My name is Tom and I just had a revision, lap band to bypass this past Monday, 5/18/15.  Had the lap band for about 5 years, effective for about 1 and then kept gaining no matter what I did/didn't do.  My doc was not helpful at all so got a second opinion from my new doc.  Love him and his team.  Had the surgery 4 days ago and am doing ok.  Have a drain in for the week.  No problems with sipping, getting my walks in but still pretty tired.  I was very active before the surgery bikiing and walking and hoping I will rebound quickly.  Looking forward to blendeds next week.  See my doc next Thursday.    5'11, 347 at surgery.


Happy to see there is a men's group.  Love the women but sometimes the issues are so different. 


Any advice 4 days in is very welcome.


Nice to meet you all.



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Welcome to T-T Tom and congratulations on your revision - sounds like you're off to a great start.

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