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I've already had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation 6 months ago. I'm considering getting butt implants now. My butt is completely flat now, like a frog walking upright. I have to wear padded panties to keep my pants up. What I'd like to know is...

What are butt implants made out of in the US? If it's silicone, how to keep from popping them or making them leak since you sit on them? What's the average US price for that?

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Thanks for your question.

Buttock implants are made of either solid silicone or firm cohesive silicone, both of which are much firmer than the more liquidy silicone gel in breast implants.

They feel much firmer to the touch than an implanted breast, just like a strong buttock muscle would feel like.

The implants are usually placed underneath the buttock muscles to camouflage them and also protect them.

You don't actually sit on your buttock implants when you sit down. When you sit, you are actually sitting mostly on your posterior thighs and the lower part of your buttock area.

The buttock implants are placed above this area so they are not damaged when you sit down.

As for pricing, there is always a huge variance in plastic surgery pricing across the country, depending on multiple factors.

There is probably even vast pricing difference within different practices in the same city.

I recommend you seek consultation with a few different surgeons in your area to discuss your options and pricing.

Hope that helps.

Sincerely, Abhay Gupta, MD FACS

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Thanks again Dr. Gupta. I will do that.

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