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Stall and Redemption

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I am currently just at the 8 month out mark of my gastric bypass surgery.  It has been a great experience and the only wish I have is that I had made the decision sooner.  Overall I have lost 110 pounds (total, not just since surgery) and I am thrilled with that.  Around the start of the year I hit a plateau of sorts.  7 month mark and being 25 pounds from goal were my excuses for why I was gaining and losing the same 3-4 pounds for a month and a half. 


Two days ago I came to grips with reality and admitted to myself that I had although not completely gone off plan I had veered from the course.  I was eating more than I should, more than I needed.  I was exercising far less.  I am now remotivated and going forward.  The scale has already started to budge in the right direction.  I am amazed how great this tool is....and it still tells me I am satisfied - All I have to do is listen.


This is my confession and renewed dedication.  I want to hit my goal weight by my one year mark (July 17th) and I know I can do it.


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Lisad - LOVE THIS.  


Onward and upward (actually - downward)  ;)


Looking forward to updates - you've got this!

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