Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

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Did you know there is a foundation dedicated to granting funds to people who may not have coverage? They also help out with plastic surgery.  This foundation is 100% volunteers and in only 5 years they have granted 13 surgeries. Check out their website and consider attending this years annual event which happens to be in San Diego this year!!!




To find out about applying for a grant or to get more info on the foundation please check them out here!!!



Some of you may know me as Dr. Callery's support leader. I am also a patient and lifestyle coach!


I will be presenting a cooking session which many of you have asked for.  The presentation is free for attendees who come to the event.


Registration includes 2 full days of classes, sessions, Carnie Wilson presenting an episode of CHOPPED, 2 nights of dinner and dancing...and so much more!!!!


Ask me about it, or sign up!!


If you register in the next 7 days you will get to be one of the select 20 people who will get to eat the food I prepare!!!


Join me!!!post-1364-0-81024800-1423100334_thumb.jppost-1364-0-22076100-1423100339_thumb.jppost-1364-0-54095100-1423100351_thumb.jp

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Hi Rain!


Wow! I had no idea such an organization existed! That's wonderful!


Your cooking event sounds like great fun. Too bad I moved from SoCal this summer. I would DEFINITELY have joined you!

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People come from all over the world!!

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