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Since my IUD was put 2 months ago and I have been having the worst cramps, backaches and period related symptoms. My actual cycle has nearly dissipated completely. There is also an increased amount of gas & bloating. I recently saw my OB/GYN and she seems to think everything is ok. The side effects of recently having the IUD put in and the post op (11 mo post op) effects of the surgery could be the reason(s) but I’m not sure.


Has anyone had any similar experience? The bloating is so bad I’m up a whole size this week. (I tried on pants 3 days ago, bought them and last night they were tight...no exaggeration) Is this a fluke or do I need to do a liquid diet to test my pouch? Any suggestions or information would be appreciated.





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I have had my IUD since March of 2013. I had PMS/Pregnancy symptoms with mine for about 3-6 months until my body adjusted. Now I have my periods like clock work and I get bloated about 1-2 weeks before and it last until about 2-3 days after. It is not unusual for my jeans to get tight like that. 

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