Upper Gi Results- Confused

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Wondering if you could explain these upper gi findings in more detail. I got it done over the summer because been having numerous issues and the surgeon was very dismissive. He told me I had a very small sliding hiatal hernia. I requested the results as I continue having issues and I wanted my GP to look at it, and I see it says large hernia, rather than just the very small one he mentioned. I'm a bit confused about the findings listed in bold print. Thank you for your help.


" Findings:

The patient drank barium without difficulty. The distal esophagus appeared normal in caliber without evidence of filling defect or narrowing, or extrinsic compression. There is a large sliding hiatal hernia.   

There is an irregular appearance of the proximal stomach, including the cardia and lesser curvature. Contrast appears to distend the distal stomach. There is incomplete delineation between the gastric sleeve and the excluded portion of the stomach.   

Contrast passed promptly through a normal pyloric channel into a non-dilated duodenum.  


Impression:    Status post sleeve gastrectomy with deformity of the proximal stomach as described above, as well as contrast filling the remainder of the stomach. Correlate with surgical history to assess complete vs incomplete sleeve and the approximate size of excised stomach.   Large sliding hiatal hernia"

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Dear Jailin,


I can understand why you would be confused from that report. I also find it very hard to understand some of the radiology readings. The readings vary according to the experience of the radiologist and on the ability of the radiologist to describe the findings in clear English.


When a patient comes to my practice for consultation I ask that they bring a copy of the images of the upper GI so that I can put them up on my computer and look at them. That way I can look at them for myself. If the study has been done well, that's all I need. If the study has been poorly done or poorly recorded, I'll have the study repeated at my hospital. I'll attend the study so I can actually see what's happening. I'll request additional views as needed to get the complete story.


As you can understand, that I can't do justice to your study just be reading the report. So I'd rather not comment on the meaning of the report.


If your surgeon was dismissive, I'd get a second opinion from another bariatric surgeon. Get a disc of the images from the radiology lab or hospital where you had the study done and take it with you to your visit. Your second opinion surgeon can then explain what the study shows.


Dr. Callery

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