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Anybody have similar experience?

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I was banded on 07-31-09. I had great success with losing 165lbs.


I'm not sure what started the pain but I got to the point where it was difficult to swallow. Several years and Dr.s later (2014) I had my Gallbladder removed. I don't have the lump in the back of my throat that I had been feeling but still have problems eating. I don't eat a lot cause I still feel restricted somewhat even though I am completely empty, no fill. (That doesn't bother me a lot cause I went almost 9mo before my first 2cc.)  


Lately my pain has been upper left chest pain that travels to arm and into my back. I have been to the Dr and Hospital looking for heart and other complications. Nothing can be found. I am the healthiest sick person I know.


During the gallbladder surgery (mid 2014) the Dr specifically looked at the band and said it's A OK. I have no port infection or even redness...


Any ideas or similar issues? 

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Sorry to hear about your trouble. Wish I had some good advice to help out.

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