almost 14 years out and gained weight back and having stomach issues

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had my surgery almost 14 years ago. got down to 180 from 400. had twins 2 yrs post op. so now am back up to 277 but hardly eat anything. have been told my stoma is stretched out. constantly hungry and when I do eat I am hungry about 25 minutes after. been having burning sensation across upper abdomen. when I eat any where from 20 minutes to an hour later I am throwing up. had endoscopy and ct scan. no ulcers. it is killing me. so tired of feeling sick and dizzy :( any suggestions?

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Dear Browneyedgirl67,


I've found that an upper GI series with food can be very helpful in this situation. I'll ask the patient to bring a chicken salad sandwich, and I'll meet the patient at the radiology department. I'll work with the radiologist when the study is done. We'll have the patient drink some barium to get the general anatomy and function of the esophagus, gastric pouch, gastrojejunostomy, and Roux limb. Then we'll put some barium paste on the sandwich and have the patient eat the sandwich. The patient can watch with us as the sandwich goes down. We can all see if there is a problem with passage of the sandwich material. If the patient develops pain, we can all see what's causing it.


Not all surgeons recommend this study. Many are not aware how helpful it can be. Some aren't able or aren't interested in going to the radiology lab. But I'd discuss it with your surgeon and see if he or she thinks it is worthwhile in your case. If he or she can't make it to the lab, he or she can still call the radiologist to discuss the goals of the study or send written instructions.


Dr. Callery

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