Sugar Addiction?

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I too am struggling tremendously with my sweet tooth.  This is exactly why I had my RNY surgery, because once I started I could not stop.  I have had terrible, terrible, cravings for sweets and have tried almost everything that I ate post-op.  UNFORTUNATELY I usually do not have Dumping, which really sucks, I honestly wish I WOULD have the DUmping so that I would not eat these things I should not eat. This is what I hoped the surgery would help me with.


For alot of the sweets I do have Dumping and cannot eat them because I get so sick that just to think of the foods sickens me, which I thank god for.  Ice cream, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, brownies, and some chocolate I cannot eat.  Others I can are things like small candies, bit o honey, hershey miniatures, and gum.


My lowest weight was 133lbs, and I usually am steady at 136-138, but now since cravings I am struggling to keep it at 139, I was all the way up to 143.  SInce recently I am having home issues I am using food as a comfort and I knowingly realize this, went to therapy for this, and recognize this fully, but still do it.  So this is where I feel I am and addict.  I want to just walk away from these foods, cravings,and bad habit but I just can't seem to do so.  No one tells you that you will still have these cravings and bad habits after surgery, that the surgery is not a cure!  


Anyways, I have found that if I keep ALL bad foods out of my house I will not eat them, but the second I crave them I will drive to the store, only a mile away, and buy what I am craving.  IF its a small bag of candies, before I know it, they are all gone. :((  I am struggling for solutions or guidance and any suggestions if anyone has anything that has helped them or think would help me.


THanks in advance.


Maybe the solution is all bad food out of the house, and hide my car keys! LOL

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