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How do I know what model lap-band I have?

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Silly question to some, but here's the reader's digest story:

Got my band in May 2006 when I turned 18. Spent the next few years up and down with fills due to college stress and being young and dumb.

I maintain the fill level for almost 7 years - perfect level of fluid, turn my lifestyle around and it becomes a completely natural/normal/perfectly comfortable part of my life. Until....

A piece of food for lodged in my band 3 months ago. Jolted me into an emergency state where I couldn't swallow anything (not even water or ice) and made the long car trip to my surgeon who Gave me an emergency unfill.

I've spent the past 3 months rapidly gaining and need to start the re-fill/inflation process ASAP.

I find a local physician who says he can fill me, so I call my home physician way down South and ask what fill level I was. They fax my chart and it says I was at 5.8 in 2012, 3.6, 5.2, etc. Somewhat confused, I ask them to confirm and they validate my chart is actually my chart.

So my question is, my lap-band ID card I received at surgery notes that the maximum volume for the device inside me is 4cc. Why would my office have medical records of me at 5.2ccs? I don't remember what I was, but I don't think I've ever been over 2ccs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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It is possible to have more cc's than recommended.

My advocate told me that she has seen a few patients ( only 2 that she could recall), that felt that 10 cc's wasn't enough (in a 10 cc band), and with doctor permission, they can add a 1-2 ccs more. Because the fill amount from Allergan is only a recommendation, it is possible to place more in the band. 


If it has been empty for several months, you are likely going to have to work back up to  a new "sweet spot" as I imagine going right back to where you were would make you struggle.

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