A different way to create the sleeve?

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Dr. Gupta,


Had VSG surgery on 12/4/14.  Everything went fine.  No problems at all.


After the surgery, my doctor told me that due to internal scar tissue from a bowel resection surgery 30 years ago - he could not "access" my stomach from my right side.


He said they came in from my left side and created the sleeve.


All of the videos of the surgery I've seen show the doctor begin cutting the stomach from the doctor's left (my right) and working up towards the esophagus.


My question:  is it unusual for a VSG to cut the sleeve, starting at the esophagus and working doctor's right to left?



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Hello ncdreamer,

Thanks for your question.

I am a plastic surgeon who does reconstructive procedures following weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery.

To answer questions regarding the details of gastric bypass procedures, I recommend you ask Dr. Callery.

He is a bariatric surgeon with expertise in multiple bariatric procedures.

You can post your question to his forum at:


Abhay Gupta, MD FACS

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