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Preop diet---how are you doing?


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Hi all, 


I started my preop diet yesterday and I have to say that the day wasn't what I expected.  I expected to be starving and for the most part I wasn't.  I did however start to mourn food.  It probably doesn't help that in the month of December my office tends to bring in food everyday and I have to walk by that food at least 20 or so times per day.  


How is it going for you guys???????  How is post- surgery life for those early December dates?


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I started yesterday too. We have the same surgery date! I'm struggling. I'm hungry, tired and weak. I couldn't get in all my water yesterday and I had even less today. I've done liquid diets in the past but I was able to have 1 meal.

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I am done 2 weeks of my 3 week pre op piqued diet.

im actually enjoying it.

ive lost 12lbs so far, i find it very cleansing!

the first few days were the hardest. But it does get easier!

I had a bad headache the first 3 days, but now I'm fine.

i still can't figure out why i had to do 3 weeks and everyone else i see only does 2... but oh well.

I've been tempted a few times to cheat, but i stay strong!

i have not and will not cheat.

getting this surgery means to much to me do that to myself.


i have been having one shake in the morning, one at lunch, one after work and one before bed.

sometimes i have Jell-O or broth between them. but i stay pretty full just on  the shakes alone.


best of luck completing your liquid diet!

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Well I started my pre-op diet on Tues the 8th, today is day 4 and have done pretty good so far. I'm allowed to have certain -low carb smart ones in place of a shake each day. That has helped alot. At least I get to chew something. By far the hardest part was giving up the Diet Dr. pepper, I had a 2 liter a day habit, the headach on day 2 was just terrible and I had body aches all day, day 3 was better, and day 4 I feel back to my normal self. I think I have already lost 8 pounds in 4 days, but I do have a hard time seeing the marks on my old fashion scales.  I just keep telling myself, one day at a time and 4 days down only 10 to go.


My surgery date is 12/23/14, and Santa will be coming to see me in the hospital.

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Today was my first day and I am afraid to take my Metformin because my blood sugars are in the 80's. I am hydrated, plenty of protein, not hungry BUT a crappy headache.

After months of practicing recipes I think I now dislike protein powder. Can I puree beans or lentils instead?

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Try a different protein powder or RTD such as premier at Costco or isopure at GNC.

Nashua nutrition.com will sell you sample sizes of different sizes .

Check with your NUT but immediate postop you need liquids not puréed stuff.

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