Preventing sagging skin

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Hi there-


I'm a 23 year old female who is 2 weeks from surgery. I would like to avoid the tummy tuck as much as possible and have read up on the topic. I'm interested in hearing your take. Because I'm younger (more elastic skin), I'm hoping to avoid the tummy tuck.


I've read of taking gelatin supplements and using specific creams while doing daily toning exercises. Do you think there's any of this that works better then the others? Any recommendations for creams or supplements or specific exercises?





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Hello Kendall,

Thanks for your question.

You are correct that since you are young your skin should be more elastic, but this is also highly dependent on your level of skin health and the degree of skin stretching in your case.

While there are several topical creams and even oral supplements that claim to tighten skin and improve skin elasticity, I have not seen any scientific research data to support these claims.

Without truly scientific data to support results, I cannot give you an endorsement for any particular creams or supplements to help you prevent needing a tummy tuck.

The best way to promote better skin health still remains a healthy diet with all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, plenty of water to keep your tissues well hydrated, and proper exercise to improve blood flow to tissues and maintain general health.

Hopefully with these measures your skin will be heatlhy and elastic enough to tighten adequately in reponse to your weight loss so that you won't require surgery.

Good luck with your surgery.


Abhay Gupta MD FACS

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