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Yes.. I'm STILL on vitamin research!! I'm starting to sound like little "Johnny one note"!! 


Anyway, my surgeon requires a B-50 supplement. (this is in addition to multi-vitamin and added B12). However, I haven't heard anyone else having to take this.


What's the scoop? Anyone know why I would need to take an additional "B-50"?  do you take that?  do you know why?


And... of course.. the all important question.. which one do you take?!?!  I want a chewable... drinkable.. liquid.. or gummy. NO PILLS!


UGH!!  the good news is, that I only have a couple of more things to find, and then I will have my vitamin regime ALL figured out!! with the best of everything!!  GOD, I'm so anal!! :)

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Table 5 of this (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) documents the recommendations for us.  A B-50 complex is listed as an option.


The are the very body who designates bariatric hospitals/clinics as Bariatric Centers of Excellence.


I'd recommend printing out a copy of the vitamin and supplement recommendations to show your surgeon and/or NUT if their protocol differs.  If it does, I would ask why.


On the B-50.  You will need one that contains all 8 B vitamins:


Vitamin B1-thiamine 
Vitamin B2-riboflavin
Vitamin B3-niacin
Vitamin B5-pantothenic acid
Vitamin B6-pyridoxine
Vitamin B7-biotin
Vitamin B9-folic acid
Vitamin B12
And that isn't easy but I would suggest you look at a B100 liquid complex and just take half the dose. is a good place for that.  This is one I'd recommend purely because most of the others have some seriously heavy doses (as in 2 and 3,000% RDA).  - you'll need 12-13 drops (and I'd probably add a smell biotin capsule because 25 mcg is pathetic).
There's lots of information on B vitamins - this a couple worth reading:



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cinwa.. you are always a wealth of information.


I, of course, have questions..


A.  The liquid B you listed has 1000 mg of B12... does that qualify as our B12 for the day? or do you still need to take a sublingual?  I ordered the B12 that you take only once a week.. but wondering if I need to take both

B.  can that much B12 be toxic?

C.  all the B50 I'm finding has 50 mg/or mcg of EACH of the B vitamins. The one you listed didn't. So, does it still count as a B50?

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