So sick of feeling Sick

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I had my 1 year post-op labs and my bariatric group wasn't thrilled with the results.  Everything except zinc was within normal levels but they had dropped from the 6 month levels so they stressed the fact that I needed to get back to taking the bariatric vitamins, including iron, and calcium.  SO, I am currently taking Celebrate multivitamin capsule, generic calcium citrate petites and Celebrate Iron +C (non-chewable).  I'm supposed to be taking additional Zinc, and bought the Celebrate zinc capsules, but each time I took that I threw up so I am taking my chances that the zinc in the multi will boost my levels enough that it won't be an issue.  Anyway, the freaking Iron is making me nauseas every time I take it, like mouth-watering-I WANT to throw up, nauseas.  The calcium citrate makes me feel like garbage, but not as bad as the iron, so I will continue to take it and hope it gets better with time.  The iron, on the other hand, is getting to the point of being intolerable!  Any suggestions??  I take it with food, I take it with as much liquid as I can tolerate at any given time.  What can I do to make the nausea dissipate?  Anything?  I woke up feeling great today, then I took a multi and an iron tab and now I want to throw up.  I'm tired of feeling like this day in and day out. 

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