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I can't wait to be able to........

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That and more...


It will be nice when I go on vacation in a couple months to not require the seat belt extender on the airplane!!!  


Other things:  less back pain, more confidence, being around for the grandchildren that I won't have for a while - but I want to be an active nanna, not one too fat to play!! 

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I can't  to...

walk around the house with a towel wrapped around me after I get out of the shower.

Clip m own toenails.

Play o the floor with my grandchildren.

Hike in the mountains.

Climb the stairs at work without huffin and puffin.

Wear cute clothes

Run and play with my dog.

Take selfies!

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i can't wait to get off most of my meds.

i can't wait to be able to fit in a plane seat comfortably

can't wait to get some nice clothes again

can't wait to be able to flirt again and as someone else said, not feel like they would be repulsed

can't wait to be active again

can't wait to feel better about myself instead of wanting to be invisible 

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- Wear tank tops

- Let my husband shop for a dress for me

- Walk through disney and not rent a electronic wheelchair

- Run a marthon

- Let my husband pick me up

- Ride bikes with my kids

- Not be embarrassed 

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Go on a bike ride with my son

Wear hubby's t-shirts to sleep in

Paint my toenails

Sit comfortably in a booth in a restaurant

Buy cute clothes in regular stores

Sit closer to the steering wheel when driving my car

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Mine are similar to many of the others in this thread:


*Being able to fly without a seat belt extender and not having to ask for a seat on my own, and when flying with my son, not having to eat off his tray table because I can't pull mine down!

*Being able to cross my legs

*Being able to walk without getting puffed out (particularly  up stairs) and feeling hot and sweaty, AND, without the plantar fasciitis pain (my poor, squashed plantar tendons!)

*Someone mentioned being able to run, that is a dream of mine, perhaps even going in a triathlon, and as the other person said, actually enjoying it!

*Being able to wear anything I want to to without feeling self conscious and trying to cover as much skin as possible!

*Not being the fat one in my family anymore (my mum and sister have both had significant, sustained weight loss as a result of lap-band surgery)

*My son being proud of me rather than ashamed of me when we're out together (not that he has ever expressed anything other than love and respect for me but I pity him being a teenager with a fat mother)

*Not feeling like a recluse and wanting to go out and socialise rather than hiding myself away


Oh, the list goes on!



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