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Vitamins for the time post op then for further out (non gummy please)

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Would anyone be willing to list what brand--mg counts and type of vitamins they used during the early post op stages then the maintenance stages?


I have looked at all of the bariatric brand vitamins that are marketed to post WLS people and they are REALLY expensive.  I don't like gummy vitamins at all--I have seen a lot use them but even without WLS I am not a gummy eating kinda person. I would rather have a bad taste than gummy.  


What did you take for your multis right post op?






any other vitamins you found you were more depleted of than you anticipated?


My doc recommends the bariatric brand of course but I know I don't want to spend that much money for the rest of my life. 



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For the early period post-op - until you're able to eat a reasonable amount of nutritious foods (including vegetables and some fruit), I really would recommend you take the advice of your surgeon and use bariatric multivitamins.  My choice would be (and is) Celebrate and Bariatric Advantage.


Short of that, Centrum Chewables are one of the better OTC multivitamins.


You can get your B12 sublinguals from any where - Walmart, Costco, Walgreens etc.


Calcium citrate (+ vitamin D) - again, early out chewables are the way to go but be aware, they're pretty much impossible to find in the stores.  I used Celebrate's and UpCal D powder from Colonial Medical.

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Many of us have a difficult time absorbing vitamins and minerals even when we take them regularly AND take the specialty formulas made for better absorption, so I really really advocate taking bariatric specialty vitamins after bypass. I use mostly Bariatric Advantage brand but Celebrate are also really good ones. And, if you do your research and stay vigilant, like Cinwa, you can often find bariatric formulas at more reasonable prices or non-specialty formulas that will work as well. But it generally takes more effort (at least for me) than it is worth. Plus, once I had chosen my daily vitamins and minerals, I loked s forward to them as little treats throughout the day, that I figured it was worth the price for the healthy little treats;)


I usually order my bariatric vitamins from the Baratric Advantage and Celebrate websites (if there's a good deal, I also order those brands on other bariatric specialty websites like Nashua Nutrition or Diet Direct or even just Amazon). As I mentioned, BA and Celebrate vitamins are specially formulated for bariatric patients and I trust them so much I wouldn't use a Multi made by a different brand. I use mostly Bariatric Advantage products.


According to the ASMBS, bypass folks should be getting in 200% of the RDA of basic vitamins and minerals in a standard multi, but we should choose a multi that also provides selenium and zinc. We should also get in 1500-2000 additional mg of calcium citrate and an overall dose of 50-100mg of elemental iron per day. We also have to keep in mind that iron should be taken 2 hours away from Calcium supplements or foods with high calcium levels (it should also be taken away from tea)... yeesh.

So, this is my general vitamin schedule:

AM-- Bariatric Advantage Multi (orange flavor with a B complex and no iron included) and BA iron (lemon lime flavor) and B12 (from Vitamin Shoppe) a few times a week
Mid morning-- 2 BA Calcium Citrate chews (D3 a few times a week-- I choose D3 from Bariatric Advantage because it is one of those we often have trouble absorbing in "regular" formulas)
Lunch-- Another BA multi (this one is Tropical flavor with a B complex AND vitamin K)
Mid afternoon--2 BA Calcium chews (These are my favorites!)
Bedtime--BA Calcium Lozenge in cinnamon flavor or Celebrate Calcet Creamy Bite Calcium in chocolate or lemon, sometimes frozen... delish!


I have especially come to love my calcium citrate supplements and look forward to them as tasty little treats. I order several online. I use Bariatric Advantage chewy bites AND BA lozenges AND Celebrate calcet chews. The chewy bites are 250mg of calcium citrate each. I eat 4 a day as little treats. To me, the lemon taste like starburst, the chocolate are like tootsie rolls, raspberry are like now and later flavor and caramel is like bit o' honey. The texture is tootsie roll-like.


In the evening, I take either a 500mg lozenge in cinnamon flavor (tastes like red hots but is chalky so I suck it rather than chew) or I take a 500mg Celebrate Calcet in lemon or chocolate flavor-- they are like little petite fours and both are pretty yummy frozen and room temp. I do spend a lot of cash on calcium but they are little treats that I enjoy throughout the day. If I had to only choose one, I would order BA chewy bites in chocolate (or maybe lemon).


You can get calcium much cheaper and with fewer calories at almost any old store. But remember to get calcium CITRATE not carbonate for absorption after bypass.


When I am not working, it's hard to remember to take them on time (or at all) so putting them all in my pocket or a dish on the counter each morning helps remind me to take them throughout the day. Also, to be honest, reading posts by folks who are experiencing issues directly stemming from not taking their vitamins-- foot drop, iron transfusions, and teeth/bone issues has made the importance stick in my head and makes it a little easier to spend the cash for the good ones.

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These are all very important things to consider and I really appreciate you spelling out each item, the why/when/how and which kind. 


I did get information from my clinic about BariActiv brand chewables




they suggested Nascobal by BariActive which comes as RX for B12


It looks like most take B12 orally or sublingually or in meltables/chewables 


this is the link and they told me that all the vitamins can be send for less than $25 a month--thoughts?



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I completely agree - bariatric vitamins are really expensive.


For now, I take the following:






I try to buy most my vitamins from Costco.

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Bugdoc and Cinwa I got my samples today.  There are so many in the packages! 


I realized that I had to take a lot of vitamins but I seriously need to set up a schedule like you do. I am afraid when being out and about for the day they will dissolve or crumble even in a pill box. They are SO big that if I pill box them they won't all fit! 


Do you use a supersized pill box?


Do you set an alarm?


Ohhhhhh I wanted to tell you also that the gal at BA said they have some new flavors coming out of the chews. I think she may have put one in there, I will let you know how it is. 

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also I found that they now make the same chews but in this dosage /nutrient level--have you tried them? they have the D3 also it appears


Size: 90 Soft Chews
  • 90 Chews Per Bag
  • Delicious Caramel Flavor
  • 500mg Calcium Citrate per chew
  • 500IU Vitamin D3
  • Fat Free
  • Sugar Free

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I haven't tried BA calcium chew but I can vouch for Celebrate's Calcet Cream Bites (chocolate fudge and lemon cream).  Each "bite" has 500mg of calcium citrate and 400 IU of vitamin D.


They both are to die for - especially if you eat them straight from the fridge.

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