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  1. amazonbeauty

    Mental Changes...Yes Really

    1 - Self Image Perception: Totally agree, but will blatantly admit that my confidence and ego were always pretty strong and the biggest change in my self perception was realizing that losing weight didn't really have an affect on this for me. I did often notice that others treated me differently and I did and do tend to get annoyed at the fact that, in general, people are nicer to me when they initially meet me now - I am convinced it is because of the weight loss! 2 - Clothing perception - I went through a period of that, dressing in sizes too large; that soon went away when I realized that I got to the point where I could grab from the rack, not try something on and JUST BUY IT! That was truly a superb transition for me when i came to clothes. AND that my clothing expenses are less now because I am not paying those ridiculous jacked up prices for plus sizes OR having to go to special stores! 3 - Okay - wow - YES YOU SAID IT! - and YES - I am now "sadly" one of those skinny bitches.... Well, not technically skinny YET, lol. But totally and completely get what you mean. I don't have overweight friends. When someone I know talks about going on a "diet", they get my lecture about making changes vs. dieting. Dieting doesn't work for anyone! Choosing to change the way you eat and the foods you eat is not a diet.
  2. amazonbeauty

    Caffeine in products?

    Caffeine is definitely something that is commonly (if not required) to be listed in the ingredients! I don't cut out caffeine now, but when I did I trusted that if it wasn't listed - it wasn't in there! And, I don't think it can be without being listed!?!
  3. Absolutely! Don't fret - our bodies get to that point where it doesn't want to let it go - ketostasis I think - basically you will have these plateaus. Your body is catching up to the weight loss, the dietary changes etc. Get used to those periods where you will lose lose lose and then your body will "rest"
  4. amazonbeauty


    This is more common than you can imagine. He may just need reassurance that despite loosing weight, you are still going to be devoted to him! Also, don't forget that it is a major procedure and it is perfectly natural for him to have reservations based on the risks involved. If he hasn't gone to any of your pre-op counseling or otherwise with you, that might help; or maybe have him talk to your dr/nurse also to get some reassurances.
  5. amazonbeauty

    My day is upon me 09-23-10

    Best of luck and well wishes to you!
  6. amazonbeauty

    Career Coaching

    Searching for a career? But do you really want a job? We may not realize it, but ultimately, we may just not know ourselves well enough to figure out what we want. I got into the healthcare industry quite by accident by working at an answering service. I soon became a favorite to the doctors, their staff, and even their wives. I had a special knack for handling their calls from patients, hospitals, peers, etc. After nine months, I was hired by a neurosurgeon that liked the fact that I was a "clean slate". His wife was an attorney and between the two of them I had four and 1/2 years of intensive training and guidance both in the medical field as well as legal. He relocated to Missouri and I began my former career life with an occupational medicine giant that is across the nation. In the 11 1/2 years with this employer, I held the following job positions: Transcriptionist, Department Lead (transcription), County Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the Medical Director, Front Office Supervisor, Governmental Relations Supervisor, and Regional Trainer. THEN I HAD WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY..... guess what happened? I realized that this company was not for me. I had been there for 11 & 1/2 years and I knew I made the right decision when the VP I reported to asked me to give her a list of what I did after I turned in my notice. 1st - NEVER be a VP, manager, supervisor, or otherwise and not know what the people who report to you do! 2nd - Be able to step in and do the jobs of those you supervise. Otherwise, you have no credibility as their boss. While I had been promoted 5 times in 11 1/2 years I was miserable and unhappy and until I lost weight after surgery, I was never willing to admit it or do anything about it. While I remain in the healthcare field, I am much happier with myself and where I am headed. I returned to school and am hell bent on obtaining: 1st - My associates (yes, I am 38 and don't even have this!) 2nd - My Bachelors 3rd - My Masters In the meantime, I will continue to be the best mommy possible to my two boys, the best wife to my husband, a valuable employee to my current employer, as well as finish my sitcom script, my children's books, and my other statistical analysis astrology books. All the while I will also work towards owning my own business, one of these two choices: 1. My own portrait studio 2. My own career center and/or staffing agency devoted to the career and life coaching job seekers may want and need; with an emphasis on training those that don't have the skills. The accomplishment of one thing may delay another, but I venture forth with the intent to complete them all. Wish me luck; and if anyone out there needs any help, guidance, advice, or has a general question, ask away.
  7. amazonbeauty

    a job or back to school to get into a career?

    Without knowing how far you've gone with your education, I will give you these interesting tidbits: India and China make up HALF of the entire Earth’s population & There are MORE Chinese students “classified” as “genius” than there are US students ENTIRELY. Asians make at least 10,000+ more than the average Caucasian; and minorities make less... If your education doesn't include a degree, I would strongly suggest going back to school. The average person without one maxes out at about $40-45 thousand per year; while with a degree it is double that and more if it is a masters. NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN, HOWEVER, employers are also very deeply and strongly looking at longevity with past employers. If your resume looks like you change jobs every year or so, that is not good. If it does, you can't do much about it as you also want to show the truth and be honest. So be sure to explain any gaps, or jumps from job to job in any given year or two. Good luck and best wishes! I am at a point now where I have no choice but to get my degree and luckily it is something I am quite hell bent on doing. I left a job I was at for 11+ years and people that do what I was doing have Masters. While I made the right decision to leave, getting a job equal to that one will take a degree at the very least. Of course, ultimately, I am just biding my time until I own my own business
  8. amazonbeauty

    Any Medical Transcriptionists??

    I cannot stress the need to learn as many terminology across many different specialties as possible. Also, consider looking into a intro into Latin. And for an in office setting, definitely get an abbreviations book for the medical field and also "build your own" as you work with doctors along the way. Doctors like to make up their own abbreviations. Write new ones down as you come across them, make a list. It'll help you retain the information. Also, for working at home! Do not forget that ;)YOU are in control of your time management. I cannot stress this enough. Plan and schedule out your days just like an office, because otherwise, you may find yourself constantly playing catchup.
  9. amazonbeauty

    Struggling in Retail Sales from Weight

    The number one thing you'll need to have in sales is confidence. Regardless of how you look! Not that you have to worry in that department if you ask me. You look wonderful. I like this article by Kelly Robertson, who while being a man, puts it in perspective as to not only why sales people may not have confidence, but also why we need it! The Power of Confidence My experience has taught me that people want to buy from sales people who are confident in their abilities. Taking control of the circumstances and situations around you will develop your self-confidence. When you consider the amount of rejection that many sales people encounter, the fact that many salespeople lack self-confidence is not surprising. Top performing people in any industry typically possess a high level of self-confidence. They may not necessarily possess this confidence all their lives. I have not always have a lot of self-confidence. Outwardly I was Mr. Confident while on the inside I seriously doubted my abilities. I had to wrestle with my own mental baggage for years before I became internally confident. Learning to deal with this begins with letting go of your personal baggage. Mental baggage is a collection of all the situations we have experienced or encountered during our lifetimes. We carry all this baggage around in our heads and draw from it when appropriate situations present themselves. Perhaps you tried to join a school sports team when you were a child. Your athletic abilities in that particular sport were average; for that reason you were unable to make the team. You filed away this experience in your subconscious until a similar situation to it came along. You immediately recalled the previous performance and outcome, and told yourself that you were not capable of successfully meeting the current challenge. Consequently, you did not make the effort required to meet it. We all carry around this mental baggage. It influences us in everything we do, both in our business and personal lives. How it affects us when we sell is very simple. Mental baggage may consist of customers who have been rude, abrupt, or angry toward you. Baggage can include situations from earlier in our work careers or even from our childhoods. As time progresses, this mental baggage weighs heavier and heavier. Yet we continue to drag it around with us into every sales situation. Over time our attitude turns sour, we become pessimistic and jaded, and we get frustrated with challenging customers and prospects. Our productivity drops, our performance slides, and our job security may even be threatened. We become increasingly bitter toward our chosen occupation, the customers we serve, and life in general. Our mental baggage is a weight on our shoulders. How do we prevent this from happening? First, carrying around mental baggage is a natural part of being a human being. It is the way we view and deal with our baggage that makes the real difference in our lives. If we look at each experience and consider how we can learn from it, our baggage will have less hold over us. I recall the first paid keynote presentation I gave. I was well prepared, but not in the appropriate manner. The room was an awkward shape and the stage was positioned quite high, something I had never dealt with previously. I was uncomfortable during my presentation and I knew my delivery was affected. Instead of focusing on this after my session, I chose to concentrate on what I learned from the experience. When you encounter a sales situation that does not turn out favorably, rather than focus on the negatives and beating yourself up over it, ask yourself three questions: 1. What did I do well? 2. What did I miss or forget to do? 3. What will I do differently if faced with a similar situation in the future? These three questions will help you learn and grow from each situation and will help improve your future results. Plus, by first focusing on the positive aspects of the sales interaction, you will give yourself a mental boost. You must also recognize that some of our baggage is outdated. We may be relying on information that is several years old. This happened to me at the beginning of my career. When I was twenty-three I was working for a restaurant chain as an assistant manager. I was promoted to general manager and lasted less than a year before I was demoted back to an assistant manager. I had proved unable to perform to the company's expectations. I ended up leaving the company shortly afterwards. For five years I hesitated any time an opportunity for a promotion presented itself; I had not been sure I could do it. Finally it dawned on me exactly what I had learned from that experience. I was not the only person responsible for that particular failure, and my leadership and managerial skills had developed since then. Nevertheless, it took me five years to realize it! Let go of your mental baggage and work on developing your personal confidence. Pay attention to your successes and use these to help you improve your results.
  10. amazonbeauty


    Is there a list of what we should be taking long term as gastric bypass people??? I take a whole lot of things and was trying to scale it down and need a guide to go by.
  11. amazonbeauty

    New York Pilgrimage

    I just got back from a trip to New York. My first. And all by myself. No husband, no kids. I missed them terribly and was homesick most of the time, but I also don't regret one minute of going. It was the most unreal time of my life. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to do something for themself and if you've ever dreamt of going there. I've always wanted to go and be in the city. Everything was a movie reference for me. I was there for September 11th, planned it that way. I have a friend that lives there and his partner goes to Juliard. The School of Juliard put on a beautiful opera/orchestra of Mozart's Requiem on 9/11 at Carnegie Hall. I was able to go and enjoy this beautiful piece of music and it moved me to uncontrollable tears. I was able to recover enough to draw the picture you see below. My own personal representation of 9/11 and how I felt at that moment. Later in the day on 9/11, my friend Brad and I were going to go on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty since we had missed the one that goes to Ellis Island. The Staten Island Ferry was overpacked in the terminal due to a homeless man dying on the ferry. So we decided to wait and went walk around. He took me to ground zero. I had been there the day before and hadn't planned to go to the site on 9/11, but there I was anyway. I was again moved to tears. Later we rode the ferry, saw the statue and enjoyed the ride. On our wait back, we were welcomed in the terminal by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Apparently the fact that he is a billionnaire and the mayor doesn't keep him from using public transportation. It was quite something, as I was given permission to approach him and asked him to sign my drawing. That is his signature top left of the picture. He was very gracious and wonderful and it was a meeting I will never forget. There have been so many things I've accomplished and so many other things that I've began and am still working on. Loosing this weight and going through this life change has been quite something. Something I don't think I could ever quite describe exactly. My next venture is to completely redecorate my kids' bedroom and train for a 1/2 marathon in Carlsbad for January. Should be interesting to see what I can get done! Anyone thinking of traveling and making that trip you always dreamt about? Take it from me, it is SO worth doing!!!!
  12. amazonbeauty

    It's over

    Divorce and ending a relationship is something that at least one person in the relationship has pondered for a long time. Sometimes the other partner is aware that it is being thought about, that it is on the table. But, more often than not, it is something that comes up as a new thing to at least one of the two people involved. I dreamt of leaving my ex-husband for YEARS before I finally said enough is enough. He knew I was unhappy and I yelled about it almost daily, but still he kept reassuring me and for whatever reason I kept being talked into staying. In the end when I finally said THAT'S IT, I didn't think he felt the same, but luckily for me he was just too lazy to do the hard work of "breaking up" and with it then being mutual it worked out well for us. Your husband is obviously in shock and was obviously not in that place of thinking about it being over. You make it sound like he was pretty much in the dark. How else could you expect him to react? Obviously through his pushing and discussing he wants to make it work, wants to hold his family together, wants to understand what happened and what went wrong. This is actually pretty surprising as we all know how most men pretty much sprint from responsibility and being tied down. Even so, you are right to want to be free and apart from anyone, at any time. Yes there is plenty to try to work at keeping and preserving; but it isn't worth you having to compromise yourself to stay. Your child will have parents that love her no matter what, so don't let that influence you either. If you have analyzed this within yourself and know wholeheartedly beyond any doubt that for you it is over, then stand firm to that and keep repeating it to him. Reaffirm it to him, but remain consistent in the decision. If you yourself find yourself going back and forth about it, then even if you may think you've made the final decision, maybe you haven't. Ultimately, there were plenty of things I regretted for a while about my divorce, but in the end, the one thing that TO THIS DAY bothers me is HOW LONG I stayed. If only I could have just gotten out sooner, have had more of my 20's to be alone and single and not tied down to him! I'd have far less to regret. I will never waste my time and energy and life that long for anyone ever again. Lesson learned. Our time and life is far too precious and valuable to allow ourselves to be wasting it in a miserable relationship.
  13. amazonbeauty

    Relationship Changes

    After my husband had his, I was insecure for the first time in my life. I was shocked at how it made me feel. That got better as I got closer to my own surgery date. Now, he is feeling the sting of insecurity. Thinks I'm going to draw too much attention and someone will hit on me. I try to remind him that 1. Men have always hit on me! regardless of my size. (men are easy and a girl's weight won't stand in the way) and 2. Not many men think up a 6 foot tall big woman as myself as their dream girl or ideal "type". Except maybe black men, but I don't bring that up, as it is a whole other reason for "insecurity" (hahaha). Anyway, we talk, talk, talk, and hopefully with all the talk and reassurance, things work out. He's the only man for me and as long as I remind him and he reminds me, we're just perfect.
  14. amazonbeauty


    I think it is totally a personal decision just for you to make and you should do what you are comfortable doing and to hell with what he'll think or say, etc. But for me, I'm an open book. I tell random strangers just about anything about me, personal or not. There is a forthright honesty and confidence in being able to say whatever, whenever, and to hell with how others take it in or what they think. Maybe that is selfish or egotistical, but we all know that we need a little bit of selfishness to survive and allow ourselves to be happy! And what others call ego, I call confidence.
  15. amazonbeauty

    Amazon Beauty power?

    It is free on open mic night. It's pretty fun, about 20 different comics, so lots of different views/materials, etc. Still feeling the sting of being one of the only women in a male dominated world, but I'll be there every Thursday night! They aren't getting rid of me yet! hahahaha and I tried now i'm hooked!