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  1. Gonbutnotforgotten

    I can't seem to get back on track

    I am 2.5 years out and have gained back about 20lbs...I am cutting out the grazing as that is my down fall....the fat boy in me WILL NOT WIN!!!
  2. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Here I am....

    Thanks....I do feel good, I was worried when I saw the scale creeping a little then I realized at 185 I was way to thin....I am 6'3....so I put on 15 lbs of muscle and "meat" as my kids call it.....even two years out I dont always know who is looking at me in the mirror...
  3. Gonbutnotforgotten

    So Many New Faces....

    Oh yall have NOOOOOO Idea
  4. Gonbutnotforgotten

    So Many New Faces....

    since TT says this is a hot topic....lets keep it going help me get to know all of you....My name is James I had RNY on 4-19-10 at the weight of 355lbs I have dipped to 185 and am at 200 now and have been for 6 months or so.....I work out when I can and love being healthier......your turn....PS pics Help
  5. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Here I am....

    One more....this ones for the ladies
  6. Gonbutnotforgotten


    I love a girl in glasses.....
  7. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Relationships.... or lack of!

    Mara Jayne.....if you were closer......grrrrrr
  8. Gonbutnotforgotten

    So Many New Faces....

    Well Hello to you too....I am always so pleased to see all of these BEAUTIFUL women talking to ME!!!
  9. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Relationships.... or lack of!

    I had more dates when I was big...was married when i was big....now that I am "thin" not so much.....I dont get it
  10. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Here I am....

    You be the judge to how you feel Brother.....you only have you to please!!
  11. Gonbutnotforgotten

    So Many New Faces....

    well I came back in to MORE new faces.......All of you pre op girls from last year are doing GREAT!!!! Keep it up...
  12. Gonbutnotforgotten

    I need an intervention!

    I get their regular Iced tea have them throw in 3-4 splendas and I like it BETTER than the regular sweet tea
  13. Gonbutnotforgotten

    Here I am....

    How tall are you? I am 6'3.....I didnt mind being 185 but I did look frail....I put 15 lbs of muscle and meat back on....same size jeans as before....but a size bigger shirt
  14. Gonbutnotforgotten

    makeup photo shoot

    you are always so pretty....before and after
  15. Gonbutnotforgotten

    My goal tattoo...got it a year after surgery

    Looks nice!!!! I like the tattoo also