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  1. I have chewed well and slow since and been fine. Thank goodness it was just a quick problem and something worse did not develop as I am now away from my home area.
  2. Yowza. Had some gyro meat and it felt like I ate a loaf of bread. Ouch. The meat should have been okay so I am assuming I ate too fast, which is likely because I was in a hurry to get back to another meeting. First real mistake I know of that I have made and boy did I pay for it.
  3. Tomorrow is move day. Moving stuff to new place then my wife takes me to the hotel in Chicago and drops me off for training. Get my company car Monday! Wish it was more masculine. Not too stoked about driving a VW Bug.
  4. http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/emotional-support/52699-sad-day.html Perhaps that will serve as more support than even the kindest of words from any of us.
  5. I always hurt for people when I read things like this. It sucks that some of you have to go through so much heartache with family and people who should love and support you. I wish you luck and strength as you try and sort all of this out.
  6. Thank you. That was very kind of you to say. My wife will still have insurance, although I am curious about what to do in regards to my post op follow up's as I won't be able to see my doctor now. I guess I should give the office a call.
  7. Obesity...at least it's not scurvy?
  8. Chicken Salad seems to be a regular from my cafeteria. Chili, sliced turkey and cheese, refried beans, bean and bacon soup, and tuna salad are all good ones from home.
  9. I recently accepted a sales job that I am very excited about. It will triple my current income right away with a base salary and it could do even better in time. You never know with sales but I have always done well with them so I am excited to see what the future holds. Sadly, I am going to have to move three hours from my wife and my brother who we have custody of. My brother is 18 and a senior in high school and we wanted to make sure he finished the year where he is. It will only be temporary though, and this job will hopefully ensure I can send him to college. We have been through
  10. Honestly I refused to do the last meal thing. It just seemed stupid to me. I made up my mind when I decided to have the surgery to make some changes. I had plenty of garbage food over my life to get me where I was. I didn't feel the need to give in to my idiocy one last time. I did have some temptation to do so, but was able to resist. Even right up to the last moment before my pre-op diet began a mountain dew was really tempting. I don't think my choice was better or worse than people who endurable themselves one last time, but not giving in to that was the right decision for me because i
  11. It looks like a zombie pumpkin. Soup recipe please.
  12. Breakfast - One egg and half a piece of toast. Lunch - 2/3 of one bowl of potato soup with cheese. Dinner - 2 oz piece Talia - two tea spoons of rice and beans. Snack - 3oz Banana pudding - one SF fudge bar. 3 glasses of water - 1 protein shake - 2 glasses of 1% milk. What a terrible day. Did not get close to everything I needed.
  13. My shoes > your weight loss goals.
  14. Kelz, you should change your name to Puppies&Rainbowz. Then get some Lisa Frank style avatar.
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