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  1. G'day folks. I'm going on 6 years post-op and generally doing fine. This past weekend, however, strange things happened. I went to a dinner party, and was having trouble swallowing - food just seemed to sit in the back of my mouth and I felt I couldn't swallow it, though I managed eventually. Then, I had a hypoglycemic attack, was sweating and confused, got up to go to bathroom and passed out briefly. Seemed fine after. Next day, I was exhausted all day and had some trouble swallowing again and absolutely could not eat some beef and brussels sprouts leftovers from a restaurant meal a few days before, made me very nauseous. Also couldn't eat much supper at all, just got full very fast. Today, very tired again, some issues with swallowing. All of this adds up to pretty much nothing in particular, just a weird combination of things. Does it ring any bells with anyone? I really do not have any other symptoms, DH has been very worried but there's nothing else other than the cold I've had for about a week now. Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
  2. Freaked out

    I find that coming back to this forum on a daily basis when I'm struggling really helps me. I regain sight of the important things, and regain confidence in myself. You can DO THIS!!!!
  3. I did a search on here, and see that "burning tongue" is a symptom of some kind of nutrient deficiency, but I can't find out what specifically is the issue. Anyone know? I've been having intermittent/frequent bouts where the inside of my mouth hurts, or just feels uncomfortable. Mouthwash can ease it for a while, but it's definitely a persistent issue and I want to figure out what's going on. Thanks for any info you can share.
  4. burning sensation in lower chest?

    Well, finally had an endoscopy, I have several ulcers in the top of the small intestine, just below where it joins the pouch . The doctor says it's almost certainly from alcohol, though she also did a biopsy to check for the bacteria that is implicated in many ulcers, and says I can't drink, ever. I'm resigned, I guess, but it does make me sad, because I really enjoy trying different wines. As I think I said before, I don't know how some people can manage to develop alcohol problems and live with them after this surgery - evidently not everyone is as sensitive to it. In the long run I do know that I'll be healthier, but ... sigh. Anyway, counting my blessings, still wouldn't ever choose to go back to the way I was before the surgery.
  5. burning sensation in lower chest?

    In case anyone is reading this, or wondering, surgeon's office said gastritis, put me on carafate and omeprozole, plus zofran as needed for the nausea. The alcohol seems to be the only thing I'm doing wrong, and as noted I'm going to have to generally give it up, most likely. I find that if I drink a glass of wine or a hard cider I get severe sudden-onset nausea about 1.5 days later - odd delay. They are going to do an endoscopy to actually take a look. I'm pretty much resigned to giving it up now, sigh. The nausea is quite persuasive. I don't really understand how some people here have alcohol problems - does it not necessarily cause problems with everyone? My practice hasn't tested for the heliobactor pyloris yet (sp?) either, so I suppose that could be an issue, but I accept that drinking with a RNY is a bad idea generally...
  6. Finally getting a handle on weight gain

    I too am hypersensitive to carbs when I'm eating healthy. I'll crash really low, reflect on what I ate, and it seems like it was all normal foods. We absolutely have to be careful.
  7. Never too late to restart...right? ?

    I'd suggest going back to what you were told when you started post-op, specifically guidelines to portion sizes, types of foods, etc. Lots of protein and low carb veggies, very few if any carbs, a bit of fruit. No drinking with your meals. You did this once, you can do it again. And, as suggested, start with the 5 day pouch test, that will shake you out of some of your bad habits initially and then you can ease back into it. I am rooting for you - believe in yourself. Also, it's summer, so there are lots of good fresh veggies and you have lots of interesting exercise options. I always do better in the summer because I can be more active, biking, walking, etc. Whatever you enjoy - exercise always helps to keep my weight from fluctuating. Keep us posted!!!!!
  8. Hi! I just noticed from a recent post that you have a picture up now - you look FABULOUS!!! You must feel so much better about yourself - I certainly do! I hope you are experiencing good health and that everyone is well. Take care, say hi to Jim for me, and blessings to you and yours!

  9. burning sensation in lower chest?

    I drink 3 cups of coffee. I DREAD having to give that up too!!! My reading on ulcers says that now they think coffee doesn't cause problems, but who knows, surgeon's practice may feel otherwise. I'm really struggling with nausea this week, no vomiting (yet) but from mid morning on through late afternoon most days - bleah. I've had to give up alcohol and suspect that may be permanent, to give up coffee too will be the pits. Oh well, life does go on I suppose, and I still feel like it is worth it so I guess I should stop whining.
  10. burning sensation in lower chest?

    I called the surgeon's office today, they are putting me on Omeprazole (prescription dose) and seeing me in a week, and banning all alcohol between now and then. Sigh. After reading about ulcers after GB though, I get that it's clearly nothing to mess with and I'm willing to do whatever it takes, including unfortunately cleaner living at least for a while. I hope they don't make me give up coffee, but I fear that will be next. Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions, I'll come back with an update when I have more info.
  11. burning sensation in lower chest?

    You know it's funny - I assumed I would never need antacids, because there's no stomach left, at least not above the intestine where acid could come up, right? The mechanics must be totally different now - acid comes up from intestine, through pouch, to esophagus if that were indeed what's happening? In any event, thanks, I will call my bariatric doctor's office and see what they say.
  12. I'm 4 years and a few months out from surgery. Lately I experience a burning sensation in my lower chest when I wake up in the middle of the night, and sometimes during the day. I always have gas, that seems a given, but don't seem to have anything coming up when I burp or anything. Should I talk to my doctor about this? It seems like no big deal, but it is definitely new and annoying/worrisome. Thanks, folks.
  13. I'm wondering if anyone has any specific info on requirements for protein long-term post op - 4 years plus is where I'm at. I consume quite a lot of protein, plus veggies/fruits and occasionally a bit of bread/potato/pasta, but I don't know if I should really be trimming back on the protein and leaning more heavily on veggies, for instance? Wondering about heart health. My cholesterol is excellent, but I do eat across the spectrum of beef/pork/chicken/some fish, and am concerned about the effect of such a diet - do I still need all that protein? I'm also somewhat concerned about the effect on my non-GBP husband (who also has excellent cholesterol, btw). He eats the carbs I don't, but he also eats/enjoys the meats. Thanks, friends!!
  14. Fiber, Liquids and an ER visit

    I live in mortal fear of constipation! I've had excellent success avoiding it by having 2 Tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily in my breakfast yoghurt. I find I can't eat raisin bran or the likes, it doesn't have enough protein and I go hypoglycemic an hour or so later. So, just a good word for the benefits of flaxseed :-).
  15. Late Dumping Syndrome

    Just had to chime in to mention that I get reactive hypoglycemia after every thanksgiving dinner! :-). I never eat enough turkey, thinking that "a bit of this, a bit of that, it's all healthy..." will be fine, and it never is fine!!!! I get it other times too, in response to making bad food choices, but the Thanksgiving thing is instructive - definitely need to work on that one.