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  1. how are you doing? havent seen you around in ages so i am presuming that you are just way too busy having a great life to bother coming on here. i hope that you and yours are well x

  2. im good sweetie.. how about yourself? Just been busy with life as usual..

  3. thank you, i am so glad you are back

  4. Looking at your before and after photos. You look FABULOUS. I'm really, really proud of you.

  5. I'm back among the living. How are you?

  6. i have been totally out of touch these past few months, but I'm back on track. Dr. Weaver is great. But I can tell you all about that if you want to talk, I'll send you a message and I'll be glad to do whatever I can to help you out. It's truly a journey.

  7. Thats great news. Congratulations. Don't be too concerned about lbs. You look amazing.

  8. Hi are you doing Trinelle? I didn't noticed before that we have the same surgeon! Was she understanding & did she have many complaints or complications after she perform surgery? I don't know much about her, I have tried to research some things about her, but her overall results from surgeries I couldn't find! Please keep me updated on your journey! Thanks! Before I forget...Looking good!

  9. hoi! glad you are surviving... and so well too! wooo hooooo! it sounds like you are getting the hang of this 'getting skinny' lark. way to go with the meds! you must be over the moon with that and the icing on the cake is the weight loss and the lost inches. its just amazing to think back 7 months! i have my 6 month thing next monday... i am desperate to lose another couple of pounds before i see him as i am only just where he reckons i will end up. i swore the last time i saw him i would be under 90 kg and i have spent the last 2 weeks yoyo-ing between 90 and 89. blaghhh!!! i hate this stall nonsense! honstly... last wed.s i was 89.2 and this morning 90.2... grrrrrr due to the blasted stall i have joined a gym in an attempt to jazz up the weight loss and i am now doing 3 group lessons a week... zumba, body vive and yoga... may change them around and try out some of the other lessons eventually. the boys are fine... i am frustrated lol... hope your family are ok x

  10. trinelle

    Happy Birthday To Me

    As a birthday gift to myself, we took family pictures. We don't look so terribly bad.
  11. Hey you!!! Just checking in with you. I had my six month check up. Here's the results: * 10 inches off the waist * 7 inches off the breasts * 4.50 inches off the waist * Not taking insulin * Not taking cholesterol medicine * Percentage of body fat is down to 36% (was 51%) * 55 pounds less Otherwise, hanging in there. Trying to get it all beack together. I will. How are you and the "boys"?

  12. Congratulations on the baby. That is wonderful, wonderful news. Glad to hear that everythingis going well. I'm down 55 pounds, off of my insulin and cholesterol medicine. I was discouraged by what I consider the lack of weight loss, but my nutritionist said to look at the entire picture (tons of inches, lack of medicine, decreased body fat, etc...) So, I'm holding it all together.

  13. Hey girl, how are you? whats been going on. For me I'm down 91lbs and 4 months pregnant with a girl. I'm doing great no complications at all. I look forward to hearin from you!

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