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  1. I"m also from the quad cities-But I had my surgery in Iowa city on September 1st 2010-Didnt know if their were fellow quad citian's on the message board or not-

  2. Wow, i haven't heard or chatted with you in ages. how is life treating you? I miss our chats.

  3. Youhou, are you there? Not even lurking?! Hope your life is going the way you wish it to and that the wind is in your sails! Keep well and - we all miss you! Hugs, Vim

  4. We miss you!! How've you been?

  5. Zen! Where are you? Busy leading your life no doubt. Miss seeing your posts here and hope all is as well as can be with you! Hugs, Vim

  6. Hey I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth! Indeed I haven't, I am alive and well, but usually locked inside a Wal*Mart pharmacy working hard. Your pic looks great and I hope everything is going great for you!

  7. wow Zen you havent been here since January! WTH where are ya? Hows clinicals going i bet you are just having a blast now living life :) but i miss you

  8. Happy Birthday Blueyz

    Have a good one DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Eastern Iowa Here!!

    The ticker looks FAB! Yeah, we lurk, well some of us do, some of us...ahhemm...have been here for a bit and just fall off the radar, and sneak back, than fall off again. Such is the way of these boards. Good luck with everything, and I hope you find everything you are looking for here. If not, ask, there is no shortage of opinions here!! LOL!!
  10. No on Prop 8

    No matter your beliefs or those of others, we are all adults and should be able to discuss this topic and many like it without it turning into a shouting match. Personally, I don't choose how others live thier lives and they don't choose how I live mine. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is responsible for their own happiness and cannot dictate what that is for anyone else! If more people thought like that, I think the "flame wars" I keep hearing about would be minimal. JMHO!
  11. Eastern Iowa Here!!

    Welcome!! It's cool here, but I wouldn't call it cold yet! LOL!! You'll have to forgive our Brethren in Iowa...most of us are Lurkers who only come out to play in short bursts. Enjoy your time here at TT, it's an interesting place!
  12. Ouch...hey...wait a second!

    When in doubt, call your Dr. It's that simple! They will either tell you to come in or see your PCP. Either way, question answered.
  13. Wow moments at over two years out

    Ya know Trina, that whole thing doesn't surprise me in the least. Just think, when one door closes, another opens! Ok, so you only got a little PEAK inside this time...but each time you will get a bigger look! Life is brand new for you my dear! Embrace it! Now is the time to re-build your self esteem, your sense of self, and bring that lovely person you've been hiding under layers of skin out to PLAY! The changes you have gone through in your life lately have prepped you for a Whole makeover, why not make the most of it?? Next time the sparks fly, throw caution to the wind and strike up a conversation, get the digits, and BE ALIVE! If nothing else, just spread your wings a bit....you've been cooped up too long luv! If I could give you anything it would be a few ounces of courage to reach out and grab that life that you want instead of watching it pass you by! Your my voice of reason at the worst of times, and a strong anchor at the best! Now just take that strength and use it FOR YOU! IF I was in AL right now, I would hunt you down for a weekend of PURE unadulterated FUN! Going out and flirting just for sake of FLIRTING! You can do this Trina....I know you can! The more I type the more I think I should have sent this via PM...!!!??? I'm getting Sappy in my old age.
  14. Why do people have to make comments UGH

    Welcome to life. They aren't happy when your fat, and they aren't happy when your thin. It's a cycle. Don't worry about losing too much, 98% of people STOP losing when the body is ready to...it's a very small portion that don't. Me, I went well below my standard, however I had a belt lipectomy to assist with that, got nervous, ate crap, and gained it all back and then some!! No worries, your body knows what it wants and will get there. There comes a time when you just stop telling your weight and peeps will stop asking! Seriously, when is the last time you asked someone how much they weighed...people just don't realize how "WRONG" that is!
  15. Happy Birthday Cindy (cinerbelle)

    Happy Belated Cin!!! LOVE the pic Michelle!!!