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  1. OA - Overeaters Anonymous - we're starting a new meeting at Pomerado Hospital in Poway (VERY familiar to most of Dr. Callery's patients) Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m. beginning September 25, 2007 Pomerado Hospital, 15615 Pomerado Rd., Poway, CA - meeting room near cafeteria. This is an open OA meeting with a special focus on those who have had or are considering surgical intervention for morbid obesity, but any overeaters who would like to stop compulsive overeating are welcome. Thanks to Dr. Callery and his staff who have obtained this meeting space for us. Contact me through the forum if you have any questions. Phil
  2. If you take some popcorn and smoosh it with a rolling pin, I expect it'd crush down in volume pretty substantially. Mix it with liquid, and while gross, it'd get even smaller in volume compared with its original apparent bulk. Same with salad - at least lettuce and other greens - they don't really have much bulk in them. That's why a bag of spinach weighs a heckuva lot less than a similar size bag of onions or something. Nonetheless, we need to be mindful of the quantity we're eating. I find that if I pay attention, and stop when my stomach says "full" I can actually leave uneaten food on my plate. A new behavior!
  3. Just go back to your post and edit it... Thanks for the input. The popcorn incident was a good wake up call for me - I think I was getting a little cocky about how much I could eat. A dumb thing to think, much less do... also, I let old impulses take over - just shoveling food in without thinking about it much. I'm working on being conscious about food volume per meal (I've generally done fine overall day by day, and am maintaining weight steadily.) The old impulse to stuff is still lurking there, ready to render me humble at any time. A good thing to remember!
  4. Nice article - supportive in tone, profound in wisdom. My take on Bridget's comments above is that she's pissed at people for derailing themselves so easily - not in a personal attack kind of way, but as a wake up call - hey, stop torturing yourself! Take the opportunity you've been given to make healthier food choices, and use your post-surgical "honeymoon period" to learn new lifestyle habits. The mentality of trying to see how much you can get away with eating, especially of supposedly 'bad' foods, is part of the old obsession that got us morbidly obese to begin with. We need to learn to deal with the obsessions and compulsive eating that got us where we are. Sometimes we can gently nudge folks, sometimes we can be stern. But it's because we want EVERYONE on here to be successful! There IS life beyond sugar and chips - I'm taking great joy in discovering this. Not every day is "perfect" food-wise for me, either, but my general trend is towards good nutrition, and away from the old sugar/fat/fried food/junk way of eating. A little of these things can go a long way. Just be careful when playing with fire - you don't want to get burned! Phil
  5. Thanks for posting this, Baron - I could almost write a book about how my life has changed over the past year and a half. I am SO much happier, content, peaceful, cheerful, just generally glad to be alive, in contrast with the fat blob I was, depressed, angry, self-loathing, pessimistic, and lazily letting myself believe my life was on its last legs and there was nothing I could do about it. Today I was in the grocery store for my weekly shopping, and realized it just felt good to be pushing a cart around looking like a normal person for a change. No more fears about being seen as a glutton stocking up for binges; no sense of embarrassment in the candy aisle (I was passing through, not buying). I used to feel utterly self-conscious in the grocery store for fear someone would make a rude comment on what I was buying. Same thing in clothing stores - once I went to an outlet store in search of new pants, and was too embarrassed to ask for help - I didn't want to admit to another human being that I needed size 48 trousers - so I slunk around the shop for a few minutes until it dawned on me as I searched the sizes offered THAT THEY DIDN'T CARRY ANYTHING LARGE ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!! I crept out of the shop hoping nobody would notice the hulk out of place in a thin-man's store! Nowadays, I can also fail to find things that fit - I'm amazed at how many stores don't carry sizes SMALL ENOUGH!!! I'm much happier being disappointed by a failed shopping trip for this reason than for the old one. The fact that so many stores have nothing in size 'small' or that their 'mediums' are huge on me, points out that the average size person is getting bigger and bigger. I'm under-average size-wise for the first time in my life!!!!! (I was thin for a few years in the mid-1970s, but sizes were smaller then.) =========== Here's a list of My Top 100 Reasons for Wanting Gastric Bypass Surgery OK, so there aren't 100 (yet). There (probably) will be! I want to
  6. GREAT story! Thanks for sharing it. I can relate! Dam those fitting rooms anyway... at least that's what I used to think. Now they're no big deal.
  7. Sometimes I can eat a LOT (relatively...) other days very little. Actually, it seems to vary by the meal, rather than the day. I'm about 18 months post-op; sometimes I can eat a whole bagel with cream cheese, other times only half of one. Salads do go down pretty easily - I can eat what looks like a lot on the plate. Still, even on a high-intake day, I can eat only about half a pre-made salad, where in the past I would have eaten the whole thing, plus chips or bread or something, and dessert. I'm learning-well actually, trying to learn- to listen to what my body is telling me I NEED to eat (or not), rather than what my head is telling me I WANT to eat. Your experience sounds pretty typical, from what I hear. Phil
  8. Hey there to all who responded to my posting - Dale - Suzy - Brenda - Bridget - it's good to be back in community. I've been isolating too long! The weirdest thing about this kind of dumping symptom is how sneaky a thing it is - I didn't even REALIZE I wasn't fit to drive!!! Yikes!!! From now on, if I feel like I'm dumping, might dump, am about to dump, whatever, I'll find a designated driver, or pull over and take a nap. Hell, maybe I'll even learn to avoid the eating behaviors that lead to dumping! (OK, that's a bit extreme, I make no promises...) Anyhoo, I guess I've learned a new lesson in the long-term management of my eating disorder... and a good thing, too. Similar my former drinking days - I learned not to drive after drinking many years before I quit alcohol once and for all, after a similar experience. More later. It's three-forty-five a.m. and I'm suffering the effects of a cup of supposedly decaf coffee I had at 7 p.m. last evening. Argh.
  9. Hey, all - I'm back after a LONG dry spell here on the forum. Since December, I've had approximately once-a-month symptoms that are weird and a bit frightening - I THINK this is dumping, but it's not quite like anything I've had before, or heard about. Wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. If I eat too much and/or too fast, the new "dumping" syndrome I'm getting is to start off feeling uncomfortable, then sick to my stomach (with or without needing to try to vomit), then just get into a sort of stupor where I'm "out of it" and can only describe my feeling as being pretty close to being tipsy from alcohol (it's not that, for sure, since I quit drinking 18 years ago). Most recent episode was the scariest - I went to the movies (alone) and bought a "small" bag of popcorn, which at the Horton Plaza theater, is gigantic. I ate half of it, falling prey to my old eating habits for the first time in the 18 months or so since my surgery. I started feeling queasy, then nauseous. I stumbled out of the theater before the movie was over ("Good Night and Good Luck" - really good, by the way, at least the 3/4ths of it I saw!), went to the men's room, couldn't/didn't need to either throw up or have a bout of diarrhea, which is what I expected. I felt a little better after a few minutes, and left the building, making my way through the food court area of Horton Plaza where every smell made me feel worse and worse. I could not WAIT to get away from that nasty smell of food! Got to my car, felt better, started driving home. After about six blocks, I felt really nauseous, pulled car over to try throwing up on the sidewalk (very elegant, I'm sure). I banged my car's front wheel on the curb when pulling over. Not my usual driving style. After a few dry heaves, I THOUGHT I felt better, proceeded to drive onto the freeway and on towards home. Three quarters of the way home on the freeway, I started feeling bad again. Got off the freeway to take surface roads the rest of the way home. From there on, I was driving in a fog, much like being drunk. I'm lucky to have got home without having an accident. When I got home, I took a nap for a couple of hours and was fine after that. Soooooo........ Lessons learned: 1. I'm STILL a binge eater. 2. I have an eating disorder that could actually kill me, and not only in the long run! 3. I guess I AM A DUMPER after all - but is this really dumping? or something else? 4. I still need the support of OA, Dr. Callery's support groups, and this board. 5. Humility is good for us. 6. I can live the rest of my life without popcorn and I won't die from the lack of it. 7. If I ever feel like I'm dumping again, I WILL NOT DRIVE A CAR!
  10. Hi, Charlotte - well, I'm not quite over the beta carotene problem; my levels fluctuate, and am going for a quarterly check tomorrow, and will have results next week probably. My levels go up and down; they're borderline, not terribly deficient, not great. I take dry vitamin A supplements, and try to eat goods rich in beta carotene (apricots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables). The surprising thing about sweet potatoes is that they have fewer calories than white potatoes. Who'd of thunk it? Will try to remember to update when I get newest results.
  11. This IS alarming - and you must see your doctor right away, as there are several very dangerous conditions that can cause this. I've been having a similar thing since the summer - and have been thoroughly tested by my PCP and an ophthalmologist, and they can't find any reason for it. What I'm having is called 'ocular migraine' and the docs think it's related to my new low blood pressure (I still get very lightheaded a lot when getting up from a sitting or squatting position.) My light flashes go away in a few minutes, but they are frightening and I'd like to get rid of them. Patience, I guess, is required. The word migraine here is misleading - it is not related to migraine headache (I used to have those 3-4 times a year, haven't had ANY kind of headache since my surgery!!!). The ocular migraine is just a phenomenon of light in the eye, there's no pain involved. I guess it can be part of a classic migraine headache. At any rate, as long as you're thoroughly checked out by your doctors, this is probably nothing to worry about - but you really need to get it checked out. Detached retina, other eye problems, ocular nerve problems, tumors, strokes, all these can contribute such symptoms, and none are fun to have. Be well! Phil
  12. Yep, all's well here. I started my blog with the idea I'd update it weekly or so, but somehow life has been too busy to keep it up with much regularity. I will update it one of these days. Let us know how your surgery goes - hang in there, you're almost there! Phil
  13. You're almost there - soon we'll be welcoming you to the Other Side. Interesting idea, that "last meal" thing. I was tempted to really go for it and have a huge pigout "one last time" prior to the surgery, but never really felt like it. I would have had a huge size movie theater popcorn, except that I had already decided that my last popcorn had already happened - just before I decided to sign up for the surgery. Deciding then that I had already had my last popcorn binge made it easier for me to realize I'd already had my last pigout on everything else. Somehow the realization that I was about to have my stomach cut down to size gave me a motivation unlike any other I've ever had before. I was afraid that I'd never be able to eat again, at least not like I was used to, and I guess I can't, but now at a little over a year out, I don't miss the old days at all. I can eat anything I want - just in small doses - and I've pretty much given up sugar, and don't miss it. I never thought this could happen. Miracles still happen!