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  1. Blueyz

    Happy 7 Years Sandi Tipps

    Congrats on your marriage and baby, where have I been? A reunion would be awesome. I am so happy to hear you have a husband and baby. My babies r 19, 18, and 10 now. I went thru early menopause 5 years ago...had more cancer in uterus and had to get it all cleaned out and uterus was frozen. Good part is no more monthly female stuff. Menopause is awful. Now I understand what my mom went thru. She also had early menopause so I guess having kids at a young age was for a good reason. Hope to see u soon
  2. Blueyz

    Calling Medicare/medicaid Patients

    My sister is bipolar and takes lithium and an additional antidepressant along with the lithium. She had gastric bypass 6 years ago and she still takes her lithium and additional antidepressant. She drank alcohol prior to bypass and after she became an alcoholic and would drink blackout and end up at peoples homes who she didn't know or on the street corners laying on the ground. It was very scary. Her medications had to be altered a bit after the bypass because we do not absorb medication as well as we did. Prior to bypass but she became sober and her bipolarism was under control...she says lithium works best for her...she's tried everything. She went off her psyche medicine to get pregnant cuz lithium causes birth defects. After about a year she became pregnant...due in a few weeks..she says her hormone changes have actually helped her feel better but she can tell she needs to get back on bipolar medicine as soon as she delivers and is no longer breast feeding. It is possible to have gastric bypass but she did have a lot of followup with her psyche docs. Good luck..hope things work out for you.
  3. Blueyz

    7 Years Post Op

    I am so glad to see my dear sweet podmate posting. I posted a happy rebirth thread to Sandi on her special day and of course sent my private texts to her cuz without her I would've never had such an awesome journey. I am thrilled to see her pretty face posted on here and I hope we can be able to stay active on the forum. I had to step away from the forum a while ago due to health issues and the major surgeries I had really got me down. I had a crushed spinal cord and was a few months from being paralyzed so I didn't have the energy to even sit at the computer due to all the surgeries, my back being the worst ever. I finally have access to internet from my phone so I hope I can afford to keep it and keep in touch with all my friends and family here and new friends to come. This forum has been a Godsend and the support is priceless. I will try to post my last few years on another thread. Sandi is such an inspiration and she has been so successful and persevered through so much. Her sweet nature and loving personality is admirable and she has so much good advice and insight. I can't wait to go to a Poway meeting. My sweet friend karla moved back to calif and she is planning to go to a support group in Poway soon and I am inboard to go if I can walk. I hope Sandi can go and kathy and cindy z. I live close to Poway but Sandi has a very long drive and so do karla and cindy z. And kathy...we hope we can all get together like we did years ago and start going to Poway support groups. I would love to share advice and info to newbies and anyone thinking of having surgery. Sorry for going off subject so much but im excited. And so thrilled at the way the forum is being monitored now. For awhile there was. Alot of fights and I had to step back and then I had some scary cancer stuff and then major back surgery so I didn't get to really get back online. I hope to see everyone soon and meet new people on the wls journey. As we all say...hang on for the rollar coaster of a ride. Love and hugs to all and a special hug to my dear podmate Sandi Tipps...luv u girlie...Dale
  4. Blueyz

    Looking For A Support Group In Tri-City Area

    I think Rain still has one at her house in Oceanside. Im not sure what her avatar name is..but her name is Rain Hampton and I think someone here may have more details. I haven't been on the forum for years. Hope this helps u find her group.
  5. Blueyz

    Looking For A Support Group In Tri-City Area

    I think Rain still has one at her house in Oceanside. Im not sure what her avatar name is..but her name is Rain Hampton and I think someone here may have more details. I haven't been on the forum for years. Hope this helps u find her group.
  6. I am a dumper and so happy that I am because I love sweets and this wonderful tool keeps me from eating sweets. I cannot eat greasy food or food high in fat content. My pouch is very picky and I am so happy because I crave protein and food that makes me feel good like expensive and chicken breast, etc. Before surgery, I was asked if I was a snacker or a person who cleaned my plate, or a binger, etc. I couldn't decide because I was all of the above. I lived for food and now I eat food to keep alive and healthy. The thought of people talking about what they are going to eat for dinner when they haven't even finished breakfast disgusts me. I am glad Kelly taught me how to eat and to chew my food and to pulverize it instead of eating like I used to which was inhaling food to get to the ice cream tub I am so glad I don't care about food nor do I think about it and my pouch tells me feed me some healthy food with substance. Don't give me sugar or grease or I am going to make u pay and trust me my pouch sure makes me pay. I am 7 years out and there are times when I think I can eat a donut.....? seriously my pouch says...well I will show u! I weigh 111 and if I am lucky 115...I think if I had the ability to not dump, I would be eating a donut or some candy here and there and I probably wouldn't be able to maintain as well as I've been able to. I am just so happy I dump. My dad had surgery almost two years ago and he ate a lot right away and stretched his stoma. The odd thing is he is super thin and can eat a lot including sugar. He ate a whole maple bar donut that was huge and didn't dump...and he continues to eat a lot more than a mature pouch, so I am still trying to figure out why some people dump and others don't. I tell my dad he is lucky but I feel luckier that I dump because it keeps me from my demons...sugar and greasy fast food.
  7. Blueyz

    Okay...let's See Those Tattoos!

    Wow, this post is still going strong. I remember when cindy posted years ago. My lower back tattoo is one of the only tattoos that didn't get a weird shape from losing so much weight. My back surgeon cut an 8 inch line and instead of cutting thru my tattoo he spent an extra 45 minutes going underneath the area to save my tattoo. I was thrilled. Since I last posted I have so many new favorite being a large hello kitty on my foot. I love the tattoo in this thread with the three hello kitties hear no evil see no evil and speak no evil. I can't wait to get my next tattoo..the artwork on this forum is beautiful.
  8. Blueyz

    Happy 7 Years Sandi Tipps

    Hi Marie, u r right, it seems like a whole lifetime has passed. I often wonder what everyone has been up to.
  9. Blueyz

    Waiting To Try To Concieve (Wttc)

    My sister's surgeon said to wait 3 years. She will be 6 Years out in august. She is due with her first child, a baby girl july 28th. I am excited for her because she could never get pregnant prior to her gastric bypass. On a side note, my first two kids who r now 19 and18 were just 10 months apart and both were full term 40 week pregnancies. Talk about hands being
  10. Blueyz

    Happy 7 Years Sandi Tipps

    Hi jeanie, I've been going thru a lot in the past three years. I had major back surgery and numerous surgeries in between. I am glad to see you r here on the forum. I miss all my thinnertimes friends. I see u in a wedding dress, did u get married? If so, congrats. I hope to go to a support group meeting in Poway soon. I can't believe it has been 7 years since we met. I was so happy to see how dr Callery has his own doctor section now. The support of dr Callery is awesome. I am so grateful I had surgery and lucky to have the support of so many people. Take care and I hope to see everyone soon. Love always, Dale
  11. Hi everyone, It has been so long since I posted on the forum, but today is a very special day that I remember each year. I wanted to wish my podmate Sandi Tipps a very Happy Re-birthday. Today marks 7 years since Sandi had gastric bypass rny. I am so proud of her and I know that I couldn't have made this journey without her. Tomorrow, I celebrate 7 Years since I had my surgery with Dr Callery and I am so grateful not only for the gift of this awesome tool from dr. Callery, but I am grateful I shared the journey with my podmate Sandi. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you to all of the dear friends I met on this forum and at dr callery's meetings. I am so grateful. Sandi, if you read this, I hope you know you are an inspiration not just to me but to so many people. I love you...always, Dale
  12. Blueyz

    Here's my girl...

    Angela, I didn't even know you were pregnant. I sure miss a lot. She is adorable and I am so happy for you. Glad to hear from you here on the forum It is so nice to see you since we started our journey together. Love always, Dale
  13. Blueyz

    Happy Birthday Blueyz

    Thanks everyone! I am having a rough recovery from the back surgery. Each day gets better, but it is long and hard. I have been away from the forum because it is hard for me to sit too long. I hopefully will be stronger and be able to come here more often when I get better. I am taking it one day at a time. Love and hugs to all, Dale
  14. Blueyz

    Lisa's Story

    Lisa, I am so sorry that you are going through this. We are here for you and always will be. Take care of yourself and stay strong. You don't deserve and your daughter do not deserve this. Love and hugs, Dale
  15. Blueyz

    Down 60lbs and feel'n groovy!!!

    Awesome!! Doesn't it feel great!! I love the chart that you have kept of your loss. I have a folder with my recordings. I lost at a very steady rate with no plateaus. I feel great and I remember the wonderful ride of losing. It seems like yesterday. I told the nurses when I had back surgery that I had bypass and they could not believe it. It made me feel great and it brought back the memories of how I got here. All my best, Dale