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  1. Congratulations on your decision! It really does vary how long the process takes. Mine was about 5 months total from the orientation meeting to the surgeons presentation to the meeting with the surgeon then various health appts to check my heart etc.. and then the therapy appt. and a review board once all that was done. Then, all that got sent off to my insurance who had a very quick turnaround time but that is not the case with everyone. So, it takes time usually but depending on where you go it may take more or less. I would be very surprised if you were able to have surgery before school started but you never know! Best of luck to you!
  2. I just sent you a message and added you as a friend. Welcome!
  3. Anyone still want to meet up somewhere? I would like to find others to meet with. I am in Albany but willing to drive to Eugene or Portland.
  4. I would be willing to meet up in Portland. I live south of Portland but I am looking for people to meet with just to be and get support. I am 13 months post surgery, I had a RNY in May 2012.
  5. Celebrate is also coming out - this week - with chewy multi vitamins that are like starburst candies. They are really delicious, I got to try some at the WLSFA meet and greet in Vegas a couple weeks ago. I understand they will begin shipping this week so that is good news. They had two flavors, orange and berry. I only tried the orange but they were awesome. I use Celebrate - the strawberry pineapple chewables - and I think they are very tasty but they are dry. I will be switching to the chewy ones as soon as I can get them Bariatric Advantage products are also good.
  6. I have your number in my phone. I dont get in Thursday night until 11:15 p.m. so I wont bother you that late. I am meeting a few people from the My Tiny Tank group at registration at 10 on Friday and I will be sure to text you! Cant wait!
  7. You can still come! There are tickets still available and it does not matter if you are pre op or post op or no op! It is a fund raiser ultimately so you should come.
  8. I am going and I am really, really excited! I dont know a single soul that will be there but I plan on meeting lots of new friends.
  9. I know that caffeine is a no no for most after surgery but I have a Chike coffee shake almost daily and I do drink coffee with almond milk and stevia. So far, coffe is the only thing I have "used" for this problem that works without explosions! Coffee keeps me very regular, at least once every other day. I have found I cannot wait more than one day between BM's. If I do, I end up with discomfort.
  10. I agree with everyone else. Cut out the bread and cereal and you will be doing a lot better. I was not allowed to eat carbs like that and I still dont and I am 10 months post WLS. I mean, you can eat them but you may not lose weight or as quickly. I would add in more healthy protein choices if you are hungry by cutting those out.
  11. Looking very beautiful and amazing!
  12. Best of luck to you all. Even with a great relationship these are tough times to work through. I hope you all find someone special!
  13. I hated mine too when I first got it in 2000. I wore that darn thing for 11 years!! I actually used to cry some nights I hated it so much! When I got to stop using it several months post WLS I felt completely lost and had a hard time falling asleep without it. You hopefully won't need it much longer but try to hang in there, it should get better for you.
  14. On another forum I belong to there is a woman who lets her diet soda go flat and uses it in her protein shake for flavor I guess. Does not appeal to me so I am not sure how it would taste.
  15. My plan was just as restrictive and it is hard. But, the weight comes off fast so it was worth it to me to see the results