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  1. My Dr said they have done all the tests, blood work and everything has come back normal. The only thing they have not done is the one that they stick down your throat and I am so not doing that. I will die. I just saw her on Tues and she is sending a letter over to the surgeon at the hospital and asking that they do a laparoscopy to check to make sure nothing has gone wrong with my GBS. I had the Colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and I still have diarrhea. Sorry about being so graphic. As I think back before this happened and its been going on since June of 2018. I live in Sweden now and as we have great healthcare they are very slow. For about a year or so I have not been able to eat much. I would get sick. I can not eat anything sweet which all of that is a good thing since I do need to loose weight. When I had my surgery and was losing they drs put me on meds that make you gain weight. I finally got off them in March and bam started losing the first week. I want to lose about 75 more lbs and since I am losing around 5 lbs a wk that wont take too much longer. Now with this stomach pain and everything I am lucky if I eat a piece of toast every day. I do drink alot of water and juice to stay hydrated and the juice is just for the sugar so I dont get sugar drop.
  2. Last June I started having pain in my lower right abdomen. It is so bad that I have to take Oxy for it. They have checked for bladder stones, did a complete blood panel, colonoscopy, MRI and nothing. Is it possible it has something to do with the surgery? I do not have my gall bladder so its not gall stones and they checked and its not kidney stones. I think the next thing they are going to do is check that its not something with the surgery. I live in Sweden so it takes a bit longer for them to do things here than in the US: This started after I had a UTI that I put off for a bit getting treated. I was busy and just let it go but it did not do any damage as they checked all that.
  3. ladybadone


    Company director drops four stone after hypnotist convinces her she has gastric band | Mail Online I dunno about this but if it works sounds good to me, lol
  4. Well since having gbs i have become somewhat lactose intolerant. I have switched over to lactose free stuff like milk ect , yogurt and cottage cheese, reg cheese dont seem to bother me, its anything with alot of milk, cream ect. My question is can we also use those lactose pills you can get that you take before you eat anything with lactose in it? In sweden we have something called Lactase. It would be nice to have them just for emergencies like eating that little bit of ice cream that isnt lactose free that you sometimes have.
  5. I had no idea about any of this. Now to figure out about getting one here in sweden, lol
  6. Hey Hey, Just saying hi and good luck
  7. Hmm Does Facebook count as a hobby. LOL Hmm I am into paintshop pro, doing designs ect. Playing online games.
  8. Hey Hey I used to live in Ga as well. Sounds like you are doing really good
  9. I had my surgery in Jan. I was only in the hospital for 2 days. I had laparoscope surgery and 5 tiny incisions on my stomach. I guess I was sore for about a week or so but I had pain meds. My friend just had the surgery and she had the one with the stomach cut. She did have a little more pain then me but had pain meds. Currently I have had some dental work done and tbh the dental work has hurt 10 times more then the surgery. You will do fine and it wont hurt for long. You will be busy trying to eat 9 times a day and wont even think about it, hehe
  10. Hi and welcome: Dont stress, as everyone said it will come off. There are some people that loose very fast and some that dont. I myself am loosing at a normal rate I think. Of course I would like to loose 5lbs a week or more but its more like 2-3. Geez that is good though cuz I could not loose that before. Just do what the dr and dietist tell you and you will loose. Relax and you will see the results.
  11. Maybe eat something like low fat yogart. Sipping on water sounds good too.
  12. I can eat any of that if I want. I do eat some fiber toast sometimes. I am not crazy about rice but love pasta. I guess it depends on each person and how you manage with it. Cous- Cous I have never eaten but I have a friend that was just told she could have it as long as she added sauce to it, to keep it from getting stuck.