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  1. I have been trying to research good reconstructive surgeons to have a tummy tuck, thigh lift and breast augmentation. There is so much information out there I don't even know where to begin. Can someone direct me? Thanks
  2. As to the weight loss slowing after you stopped liquids: My surgeon told us that those who stuck to only liquids for 8 weeks after surgery had the most weight loss. I tried holding out that long, I think I made it about 5-6. A year later I am down to 139 (as of this morning) from 288
  3. If the Towel Fit, You Must Acquit!

    I so looked forward to the day the towel would fit! It has fit for quite some time now and is still a wonderful feeling, congrats!
  4. Las Vegas Trip for a recent Lap-Bander.

    Does your boyfriend have a card from his surgeon stating he has had major stomach surgery and to please allow him to eat from the kids or senior menu? Going to a buffet there is not much other choice. Some restaurants won't honor the card either. If they are going to a buffet in a casino you could always break away and eat at a different restaurant. Sorry, that is a tough situation. Good luck
  5. fingers smaller?

    Ring finger was a 7 when I was married, went to an 8.5 at my highest weight. Now it is a 5
  6. Trip to Las Vegas....Suggestions?

    Did you guys order the "VOLCANO!!" ? Mmmm We leave in 38 hours for our girls trip, can't wait! Tell me what your favorite part was?
  7. Las Vegas Trip for a recent Lap-Bander.

    I agree. I am going to Vegas this weekend and had a GBS. I am not concerned with where we eat. I just share a meal, order a kids meal or appetizer. Have fun and don't stress!
  8. ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~

    Shopping? LOL!
  9. ~*~January 2010 Staplers~*~

    Hey everyone. I am one year out today, woohoo! It really has gone so fast. I remember the early months and being jealous of those a year out, and here we are! I have lost 140lbs! 140! I can't believe it! That is a whole person! I honestly in my wildest dreams did not think I would hit the 150's let alone the 140's! And now I am getting greedy and would love to lose another 10-15 pounds. Of course if I don't I am so excited to be where I am. I am so grateful my journey has been easy and complication free. Other than a few stalls along the way, it has been a smooth journey and I am glad for that.
  10. Trip to Las Vegas....Suggestions?

    LOVE Vegas! Going next week for a girls trip. We are lucky enough to live 90 minutes away. Try Free Vegas Club Passes to get in free to some awesome clubs. Everyone else has given you some good recommendations. We are going to try out an Ice bar this time (never been) called Minus 5. Everything is made of ice, including the bar, chairs, and cups you drink out of. Here is a review : Minus 5 Ice Lounge - Las Vegas, NV Have fun! Report back and let me know any must do's for my trip the following week!
  11. For the seriously cold people- a new, great find!

    I have a heated mattress pad, heated throw blanket and heating pad. They all get good use lol! And I just bought fuzzy slipper boots and fleece jammies. I am one happy camper!
  12. Today's WOW Moment Was..."

    Holy cr@p! I just fit into, and bought, a size 7 pant and a fitted, button up small top! I would never have dreamed this! Driving in my car, no makeup, hair not done and skin all cracked and wrinkled (thanks to a photo facial) I got one honk and wave, and two smiles from random guys. Not that I am interested in that, but it gives a boost to the self esteem! Oh, and I am down 140lbs as of today! Woohoo! Last one, I just computed BMI and I am NORMAL!!! So many awesome discoveries today!
  13. Today's WOW Moment Was..."

    Wow, that is great! How tall are you? I can't wait to fit an 8 and maybe, dare I say it? a 6! I currently am wearing 9/10 though they are getting loose.
  14. He shoots, he scores!

    Congratulations! That is fabulous. We had surgery the same day, and while I am not sure what my end goal is, I am pretty happy with where I am at. I think I would like to drop another 10-15lbs. We will see.
  15. Rudolph Sighting

    Good to know he will be well rested!