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  1. Hi! I just recently had RNY on 1/19 and noticed you weighed the exact same as I did (1 lb less!) but we are the same height and you look WONDERFUL! I was wondering how long it took you to get there?!

  2. A couple weeks shy of 5 years, and I havent been here in a LONG time. I cant even believe I got my password correct on the first try. I feel compelled and obligated to pay respect to this place by checking in at 5 years post op, because this place is literally the biggest reason I *continue* to be successful, it is the knowledge I gained and the support I received here that are the reasons I can say: I AM A SUCCESS STORY. When I say that, i dont mean just in terms of weight loss, physical transformation, and a healthier body; because that is not the ultimate goal of this surgery. The goal, is to take this tool and treat it as just that : a tool. It is a chance to to develop and maintain self discipline, will power, and healthier coping mechanisms. The goal of the surgery is to regain the control we had no idea we were losing until it was too late and change our course and improve the quality of our lives. It is to commit to our health by making and maintaining lifestyle changes...and so far, I can happily say I have managed to do all of that. i still take my vitamins every day, I still eat my protein first, I stIll get my blood work done, i still work out 5 days a week, I STILL ACTIVELY WORK TO BE A SUCCESS STORY. And I cant believe it has been FIVE years. So here are the goodies: the pictures. I cant even see myself in my befores. It is crazy what 320 lbs was hiding. My afters were all taken within the last month. I lost all of my weight in the first 2 years and have maintained for 3. February 7th marks my 5 years, and in that time I not just lost the weight , but has some reconstructive surgery like a breast augmentation, an extended tummy tuck with MR, and an arm lift (all paid for on my own). My life is only beginning at 23, and I am so incredibly blessed that I will not have had to be held back from all the things weight can hold people back from at time where The world is my oyster....
  3. You go girl!! You look AMAZING, just look at that gorgeous hourglass shape!!!
  4. you look FANTASTIC! I had to re-read when you said that was only 3 days out, because even swollen they look amazing!
  5. Breasts--- Check Tummy Tuck---Check Arm Lift---CHECK! Hey Ya'll! Just thought I'd update! I had my arm lift last Friday and so far i am doing great! I got an exended one that goes below my armpit as well so I dont have that stretchy side boob skin and I have to wear this garment thing that's really annoying, i'm still very swollen and my sutures come out on Friday, but other than that, I am feeling awesome! I will update in THIS thread as i progress, but here are my befores and my afters so far!!:
  6. YES! It goes away! I had dark skin in my "groin" area (inner thighs), under my arms, behind my neck and on my chest (i was pre diabetic so those were usual) And it all went away. I agree that exfoliating it helps, it was weird because I remember the day i was washing up, and it just started rubbing off, like all my dark skin just, rubber off! And I ran out and showed my sister and she was like "WOW!!"
  7. OH, something i didnt think about...what about Champagne? i've never tried it...I know it's still carbonated, but is it as "blah" as beer? What i hate about beer is since it's wheat based, it really just kind of, weighs me down. Carbonation has never bothered me (sparkling water, or Refreshe waters) it actually settles my stomach, but anyway, Champagne?? Hmmm
  8. Thank you guys! You've been giving me some pretty good ideas, I'm excited to try all of these out and see what I come up with! I even found a recipe for "sugar free kahlua"
  9. Thank you! I will definitely try these, i forgot Crystal Lite had these flavors! I suppose I could put the margarita one in a blended too? lol! I'm about to make a book on
  10. HELLO ALL Well I turned 21 this month! (woo!) Lol, of course, I'm not like most 21 year olds in the sense that, well, I can't just go out and go crazy. I'm also too busy with school all year 'round, and am trying to get into medical school, so I keep my mind clear, but I wanna have fun for once! At least for my 21st! lol I don't plan on going out, i plan on having friends over and playing some games and enjoying a few drinks. So, i know i know, obviously Alcohol isnt "encouraged" after bypass, but im over 2 years out, perfect blood levels, I never ever have carbs or sugar, (I dump on sugar and cant keep breads carbs down) and I stick to the old school rules of protein first and staying hydrated still. And i've been at my goal weight for a year now and maintained. So i'm not looking to go and have a bunch of beers or sugary margaritas or super cool girly drinks that i've always wanted to try. That's fine! I was wondering if anyone has any SF or bypass friendly margarita, cosmo or really any cool "girly" drink that I can try at home, or that you HAVE tried and liked? i was thinking literally just getting SF margarita mix but I still am going to look that up and figure out what else is in there, or how the sugar alcohols are. Wines are out, too much sugar for me...I've had light beer a couple times, and i hate the bloated feeling and heaviness of it so I stay away. Normally if I have a drink to relax with the family, it's Crystal Light and a shot of vodka, and then I drink water with it so I go to sleep "sober" and don't get dehydrated. Yes, even when I drink @home I do so responsibly! My doc cleared me for alcohol (even though I didn't drink back then of course) and said i could at 9 months to a year. I didn't have my first drink until maybe a year ago, and have never had problems because I always keep it simple. Sooo IDEAS??Thanks Guys!
  11. Kyra112


    Something I learned when i went to the ER for dehydration, was that "Dehydration" doesnt just include water intake. I drink water ALLL day, and that day was no different. i had been dehydrated before so i recognized the symptoms, and so i just made sure to continuously sip water until finally at around 7PM i just couldnt stand the nausea and was starting to heave up some water, and decided to head for the ER. There, i got another bottle of water from the vending machine after Triage Nurse gave me a Zofran sublingual which helped (i knew it would) and then drank another huge cup of water to pee in a cup since they needed a urine sample and I had just went pee! (isnt that always how it goes!? lol!) Anyway, i had drank so much water (not over-hydrated) that my pee was almost clear, and i was peeing frequently, but my test came back still as dehydrated. The doc explained to me that "dehydration" doesn't just refer to water intake, but also you electrolyte levels and glucose levels, etc. So she gave me Zofran to take home just in case, and recommended I take a couple Tums (mint kind) just in case any small acid reflux was encouraging the nausea, but to go to the store and get some broth, or soup (and take out the noodles) to raise my "levels". So sure enough, I went and got some fat free chicken noodle, dumped out the noodles and drank the broth, and ate a couple pieces of the chicken and veggies in there. I felt 10 times better the next day! And stuck with the broth for a couple days, then got some Powerade Zero to help keep my levels goin' So, i would say to try that out, first. It may not be what's wrong with you but it doesn't hurt to try!
  12. Trust me, I do not mind the questions at all!! I went over the muscle, because i had low-set nipples, and when you go over, it provides a tiny lift and so that gave me the tiny lift I needed/wanted. ALSO, when you go under the muscle, you lose 50CC's in appearance. Before I lost weight, I was a 40-42 D/DD (depending on the bra) Of course, they didnt look nice and perky or anything because it was mostly fat tissue. Anyway, After i lost weight, I went down to a 32 A, and even then, I didn't fill it out, and my "cleavage" was wrinkly, extra skin. I had what they call "concave breasts" where my upper pole actually went IN. So I got overfilled saline to eliminate rippling as much as I could since my skin was soo thinned out and I had ZERO breast tissue (and I was too young for silicone). Now, my bra size is a 32GG! That sounds HUGE, but they are easily concealable, and you learn once you research breast augmentations, that DD's look like C's, and G's actually look like D''s crazy, but it depends on your body type (height, weight, rib cage, breast-width-diameter) and all that jazz. I want silicone though, to get rid of the rippling which my PS told me would do the trick. I have rippling outside of a bra, but while in a bra, the rippling disappears. Also, it depends on what look you want. Both Silicone and Saline can look natural, but there are a ton of women who like the big, round fake look, (I would like it for in the bedroom lol!) so the best way to get that look is overfilled saline. However, Silicone cannot be overfilled, so if you want the round fake look, you get a higher profile. And Saline also is a really good option if you have asymmetrical breasts. I've seen a lot of women get different amounts in each breast to even that out. I have before and afters, and I will edit them so they aren't "nudity" and PM you. OH and my drains come out TOMORROW! Thank GOD! One of them caught on my door knob yesterday and it hurt like a mother! They're stitched in so it didnt do damage but I definitely yelped!
  13. THANK YOU!! Lol I feel very lucky to have not needED a breast lift! I will most likely need one later on when I get them redone for maintenance, or to switch to a higher profile and silicone (too young for silicone when I got em!) But right now I have 600 CC saline shells, overfilled to 670CC, Moderate Plus profile. I'd like to later on get 800CC silicone Ultra High Profile...but that's wayy later!
  14. Hey guys! thanks for all the positive remarks! I am one week out, and feeling AWESOME. I cant wait to get these drains out, but other than that, I can get up and down, walk around and do everything on my own the swelling goes down by the day! It;s crazy, i keep having to tighten my compression garment! I've also been sticking to liquids to reduce bloating even more. Mostly chicken broth, light chicken noodle soup and vegetables. I dont eat bread or noodles, ever, so i have to separate them but no biggie! I bought some fresh salmon today too and have been snacking on that for protein! here's another couple update pics since I got my stitches out and tape over:
  15. Girl, you do not sound creepy AT ALL. I was and am still the same way with other people's pictures!! haha! and it's day 6 for me and so far im feelin' great (and like i said, i have two scars vertical and horizontal) So i would imagine that if yo get just the horizontal which is the normal one, two weeks would be fine. I had my 2nd post op yesterday, and got the stitches removed, and should be getting drains out Monday! Here's another pic for ya'll. i took this yesterday. i'm a little less swollen here, (and am wearing a bra!)lol also, please excuse the bra, as it does my boobs no justice. I cant wear push up/underwire and have to wear a bigger band size as to not bother the incisions, but anyway, focus is on the tummy! ALSO, i've attached my PS's before photos so there's a little more to see before.