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  1. Up to this point, my pcp just shrugs. I didn't know until now that there even were ways to investigate it...she made it sound like something that couldn't be traced. Do you have any idea what kind of tests I need to ask about?
  2. I have no thyroid as it was removed when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in my early 20's. I've been on Synthroid/levothyroxine for 16 years, which was prescribed by my pcp. I've never been able to see an endocrinologist, but it does sound like a good idea. I'll keep bothering my pcp until she refers me to one. I called and left a message today and was called back by an assitant who said I didn't need to see one. Time to put on the battle gear...
  3. Interesting read, but it doesn't apply. I lost no weight at all during the first few weeks when I was consuming about 600 calories a day. I'm now eating 900-1200 calories per day, very low carbs, working out with a personal trainer 4.5 hours per week as a weekly baseline for exercise and adding in walking and biking throughout the week as time allows. For a while I was losing about 3/4 of a pound per week, but now I'm losing less than half a pound per week. My thyroid medication was adjusted, but made no difference. My pcp thinks I may have some kind of metabolic disorder that keeps my metabol
  4. My sugestion is to not have the surgery. Not because your family would be opposed, but to save you the heartache of failure. If you've had no luck with strict dieting, you may find you don't lose any weight after weight loss surgery either. That's what happened to me. No one seems to tlak about it, but apparently, according to my surgeon, there are plenty of people who have weight loss surgery and have very poor weight loss afterwards. I definitely wish I hadn't had it done...now I have to keep taking all these supplements for the rest of my life for no reason at all.
  5. I give up. I can't lose weight no matter what I do, no matter how little I eat, no matter how much I exercise. I've increased calories, decreased calories, upped protein, exercised more, excercised less, still nothing. I didn't lose any weight even in the first few weeks after my surgery, and have only lost about 25 pounds in the seven months since, which isn't any different from any other diet I've ever been on. I'm done...I give up. When I hear people have lost 80 pounds in 4 months I want to shoot them in the head. Just one more failure in my life. I even fail at things that are supposed to
  6. I've lost a ton of hair. Very little weight loss, but lots of hair loss.
  7. I didn't tell anyone either, and thank goodness I didn't. It would have been really awful for me having people know I had had a revision and still didn't lose weight. I can only imagine how much worse I would feel knowing people were looking at me all the time expecting to see signs of weight loss that just weren't happening. I've lost a total of 20 pounds in the four months since surgery...other people lose that much in the first two weeks.
  8. Ten pounds in ten days? That's a whole lot better than I did! Normal is such a huge range that pretty much anything goes. Not losing weight for a while and then suddenly dropping seems to be common, though.
  9. My biggest challenge has been trying to not throw myself off a bridge due to my lack of weight loss. I've lost about 20 pounds in three months since surgery, haven't lost a pound in two weeks, and spend seven hours a week at the gym. I've varied my diet between 750 and 1200 calories, added protein, completely gave up carbs...nothing works. Other than that, no challenges at all, probably because I very rarely eat out. If I go to a party, I eat before I go and don't even go near the food.
  10. The nutritionist is no help...I think she's given up on me completely. At the rate I'm going, I'll be the only 300 pound person to ever die of anorexia. Oddly, I'm down nearly two pants sizes, a dress size and at least a full ring size...can't wear my beautiful engagement ring and wedding band anymore. I might buy that some of the lack of weight loss is due to building more muscle, so heavier muscle is being exchanged for fat, but that would happen similarly to everyone. I journal food by day and toss it. I use it to make sure I get in 70-80 grams of protein and stay under 1000 calories
  11. Snacks are low carb, low fat. Usually a half cup of cottage cheese, a sugar free yogurt, some fat free cheese, a couple hard boiled egg whites, that kind of thing. Sometimes I have a cup of unsweetened soymilk. My total food today is one protein shake, 4 ounces of chicken with a few very thin slices of avocado (a cheat to be sure!), 1/2 cup low sodium V8 and a half cup of cottage cheese. I'm going downstairs right now to have a protein shake for dinner. I did try increasing to 1200 calories per day, but gained half a pound that week.
  12. I really can't excersise more than I am. I spend an hour four times a week with a personal trainer who beats on me mercilessly, and on the off days from the gym I walk 3-4 miles. I'm very sore all the time and really can't do any more than I'm already doing...the trainer wouldn't even let me spend more time in the gym.
  13. 2 months out I've lost about 12 pounds, and I really believe it's only because I'm now working out with a personal trainer four times a week in addition to walking. On a good week, I lose a pound and a half. Other women at the gym tell me they lost 40, 50, even 60 pounds during the first couple months after surgery. My surgeon is no help and insists I must be eating a lot more than I say, which I absolutely know isn't true. I'm never home to graze even if I wanted to, and anything I eat is in pre-packaged, controlled portions...I even only buy cottage cheese in the little 4 ounce cups. I can say with a totally clear concious there is absolutely nothing else I can humanly do.

  14. I posted a month ago that I had lost very little weight my first month after weight loss surgery, and many of you were very reassuring and told me it woudl start coming off soon. It hasn't. I NEVER eat more than a thousand calories per day, drink tons of water, work out with a personal trainer FOUR times a week, walk an additional ten miles per week, and on a good week I lose a pound and a half. I do everything I'm supposed to and have called the Dr's office many many times. They tell me everyone is different, but they've never heard of someone not losing weight right after bypass surgery
  15. I saw the post where you stated you've only lost 5 pounds since your surgery date... have you chatted with your surgeon? I always feel like I'll never reach my goals but have to stay positive and keep in very close contact with my weight management team. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers!

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