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  1. Calcium Conundrum

    I really like the Upcal D powder. It doesn't dissolve (obviously, because it's calcium), so I don't use it in drinks. I simply mix it with a spoonful of applesauce and swallow it down. Then I follow it with some water, since I take a multivitamin at the same time anyway. Bariatric Advantage has chewable tablets too. I can't stand any of the chewables, but most people can. Also, Citracal has a "petite" dosage that is a lot easier to swallow than the regular size. But of course it's a smaller dose, so you have to take more of them. I combine the Upcal D with the Citracal Petites to get my full daily dose of calcium. Just remember that your body can only absorb about 500mg of calcium at a time, so no matter what form(s) you use, you have to take the calcium three times a day.
  2. barely 3 months post op and preg...WHAT THA!

    I asked my gastric bypass surgeon about pregnancy after surgery, and he said that if it happens too soon, the ob/gyn and the surgeon need to work together to make sure the patient and the baby get through it as healthily as possible. It can be a tricky balancing act, which is why they tell women not to get pregnant while they're still losing weight.
  3. This stuff is in EVERYTHING!

    I remember that! An oldie but goodie.
  4. Oh geez, aspartame again? I thought the real reason the band was lifted was because the science behind the ban had been faulty. So of course there was industry pressure to lift the ban. But... whatever. My personal opinion is that life's too short to worry about exposure to chemicals and how much of them I'd have to ingest, on average, to cause some sort of medical problem. My biggest and most immediate medical threat was my weight, and if I need the help of some artificial sweeteners to help me keep the weight off, I'm not going to stress about it. Hurray for food chemistry!
  5. Not a Grammar Nazi, promise.

    It's so nice to know there are people who share my pet peeves.
  6. does everyone?

    I don't know if it's 100%, but I'd guess it is. It affects everyone differently, so some people might not notice it. This is a good article that explains the reasons for hair loss: Weight Loss Surgery and Hair Loss - Associated Content -
  7. Help me read recipes better

    For recipes that don't list sugar separately, the only thing I can think of is to look up the sugar content in each individual ingredient. After doing that a few times, you'll learn which items have too much sugar, so you can automatically avoid those recipes or make substitutions where appropriate.
  8. Where the heck is my period?

    Being morbidly obese wreaked havoc with my cycle. When I started losing weight prior to surgery, I started to get back onto a semi-regular schedule. I was actually menstruating (on schedule) during my surgery and hospital stay. And my next one was only about 4 days late. I've been fairly regular since. For me personally, my weight seems to really factor into it. Generally speaking, the more I lose, the better it gets - more regular and less heavy. It's just one more positive, healthy outcome of the surgery for me.
  9. Are You Hungry Yet?

    It was sooo wonderful for the first few months to have almost no appetite! I didn't even have head hunger, and I would forget to eat. I was hoping that it would last longer, but alas, my hunger - mental & physical - has returned.
  10. The Mind and Bodyhave connected!

    Wow, congrats on your discipline.
  11. Fresh off the Surgeon's table

    Your thread title made me laugh. Kudos to you for having the courage to do this while you are so young. I wouldn't have had the mental fortitude to do it when I was your age. Congrats and good luck!
  12. Independence Day

    Wow, congrats! Great timing! I am sooo looking forward to my own step into Onederland. That will be my first major MAJOR accomplishment!
  13. Depresssion anyone

    Are you on medication for depression? I kept my exact same regimen of depression medication through the surgery and the recovery (and am still on it now). Even with the successful medication, I did feel some emotional ups and downs in the first couple of months after surgery. Just dealing with all the life changes and figuring out what foods and supplements worked for me was emotionally stressful. So my point is, emotional "stuff" is totally normal right now. But if the symptoms don't abate soon, then you might consider seeing a psychiatrist, or at least a psychologist/therapist.
  14. SERIOUS butt question

    I'm no expert, and haven't had this problem, but I'm wondering if the frequency of the baths is part of the problem. It could be hard on the skin.
  15. So tired of liquid

    What are you allowed to eat during Week 2? Do you still need to be on liquids, or can you go to pureed foods? Once you can go to pureed, it gets a little less boring. If you need any suggestions, let me/us know. I understand the popcorn thing. I remember licking the cheese powder off of one of those mini cheese-flavored rice cakes.