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  1. Got a call from Vanderbilt / Dr. Clements office and they are gonna see me the last of April....blood work and see a nutritionist first....
  2. Nice nurse coordinator for Dr Clements called me and said they wanted records from UT / Memphis on my surgery and the latest endo that has been done......They take everything on a case by case basis and would make a decision after looking at it......Now of course you can't call and say send something without signing a form....went today and did endo form ......will have to fill a form off internet / sign and mail to Memphis....they will in turn mail them to Dr. Clements.....the waiting game starts.....thanks for your interest.....gonna go ahead and have colonoscopy Monday......OH THE JOY.....The doctor is gonna talk bout doing a endo at same time but if I go to Dr. Clements later I will probably let him...Just had one done in July.....also Fraid they might do bottom first.....ha
  3. Got a call from Dr. Clements office today.....missed it......gonna call tomorrow....hope it's good news
  4. Been a while since I have checked in and promise I will check in more often....I talked to a friend here locally who had Dr. Clements do her surgery and she called their office and talked to the nurse who is in charge about me.....She was out of the office and said she thought Dr. Clements would take me as a patient. She said she would call me and I am waiting now. I hope somehow some way he will take me. I need help.....My osteoporosis has got worse since my last check and they are wanting me to go to another Dr. here . My problem is when I go they all say we don't know that much about gastric bypass patients. I called UT at Memphis where I had it done and they basically said TUFF......I really hope Dr. Clements will take me..... Anyone who can put in a good word for me with him...Ha
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