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  1. Fat Bottom Girl

    One year Post OP!

    Hey there! I haven't been back for awhile but I am now officially one year post op. 100 pounds lighter and so happy with my decision to have the sleeve. Never a complication with the surgery. I have been stalled for 2 months which really sucks but I did loose pretty quickly so I will be patient. I have uploaded some before / after pics so check them out! I still can't believe it's me!
  2. Fat Bottom Girl

    Surgiversary - One Year

  3. Fat Bottom Girl


    Happy Halloween Everyone! I finally made it to Onederland!! 5 months and 83 pounds! 56 more to go.
  4. Fat Bottom Girl

    Four Months Post Op - Beach Pic

    I was called skinny twice the other day and I had to ask them to repeat it because it felt so good!!
  5. Fat Bottom Girl

    100 lbs gone

    Congratulations on your continued success!
  6. Fat Bottom Girl

    Four Months Post Op - Beach Pic

    Down 71 pounds and feeling AMAZING! http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/gallery/image/21236-09162012-four-months-post-op/
  7. Fat Bottom Girl

    08252012 LBD

    Aww! Thanks ladies!
  8. Fat Bottom Girl


    Welcome to the site. I had the VSG surgery May 14th and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. This is a great forum to research your questions, concerns and follow others success. Feel free to ask questions everyone here is really nice.
  9. Fat Bottom Girl

    Me and my LBD (Little Black Dress)

    Thank you everyone! I feel great! Looking forward to loosing the next 16 pounds to arrive in Onerland!
  10. Fat Bottom Girl

    Me and my LBD (Little Black Dress)

    Went out Saturday night in my LBD. Love it! http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/gallery/image/21135-08252012-lbd/
  11. Fat Bottom Girl

    Hip pain

    Thanks Cinwa - That is similar to my thoughts. My hips are shrinking so it may just be the muscles contracting and squeezing my hip bones and pelvic bone back into a "normal" size. I am sure it all had to expand to tolerate the girth. I will try the exercises. Like I said though it only seems to happen after my muscles are fatigued at around 5-7 miles and subsides after a few minutes rest.
  12. Fat Bottom Girl

    Hip pain

    I am 3.5 months post-op and have lost 64 pounds. Feeling really good, high energy and no more back pain. I have been hiking on the weekends 5-7 miles and find that towards the end of the hike my hips start hurting. Has anyone else had this happen? I wonder if it is just the muscles tightening and getting a workout or could it be something more serious? I don't think it is serious because once I have rested after the hike the ache goes away. I would to start running and hope this isn't going to cause a problem.
  13. Fat Bottom Girl

    Post Op: What are YOU living on?

    I have found a go to snack I just can't get enough of. I mix up a batch at a time and keep in the fridge. 4 tbsp of pb (I just found a choclate pb at sprouts that is very low in fat and sugar) 1 tbsp of nutella (the sugar is 12 g but mixed in a large quantity it equals out to be about 3 g per serving) 2 tsp ground flax 1 scoop choc whey protein mix it together - sometimes I add more pb or nutella if too dry. Slice an apple into rings, pat dry with a paper towel so the mixture will adhere. Layer the mixture and then sprinkle some granola mix (I buy from health food store an apple cinnamon in the bulk section) over the top. This is a delicious treat and I can only eat a half an apple with mix. So filling and has lots of good protein. I even took a plate of these to the drive in movies for my snack since popcorn is not allowed. It was delish! Also have tried the mix on ritz and it was tasty as well.
  14. Fat Bottom Girl

    Worried that it is not working

    You are doing fine, your body will take these little breaks to readjust to the weight you have lost and then it will start back up again. Just stay on the plan your surgeon gave you. Keep drinking your water. Since each surgeon is different, what are your restrictions at this point?