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  1. Hey there! I haven't been back for awhile but I am now officially one year post op. 100 pounds lighter and so happy with my decision to have the sleeve. Never a complication with the surgery. I have been stalled for 2 months which really sucks but I did loose pretty quickly so I will be patient. I have uploaded some before / after pics so check them out! I still can't believe it's me!

    1. Maggie08


      That totally rocks! Happy for you!

    2. mommytyree


      Whoohoo!!! So happy for you!!!

  3. Happy Halloween Everyone! I finally made it to Onederland!! 5 months and 83 pounds! 56 more to go.
  4. I was called skinny twice the other day and I had to ask them to repeat it because it felt so good!!
  5. Congratulations on your continued success!
  6. Down 71 pounds and feeling AMAZING! http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/gallery/image/21236-09162012-four-months-post-op/
  7. YAHOO!!! Four months post-op and I hit the half way mark!

  8. Welcome to the site. I had the VSG surgery May 14th and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. This is a great forum to research your questions, concerns and follow others success. Feel free to ask questions everyone here is really nice.
  9. Thank you everyone! I feel great! Looking forward to loosing the next 16 pounds to arrive in Onerland!
  10. Went out Saturday night in my LBD. Love it! http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/gallery/image/21135-08252012-lbd/
  11. Thanks Cinwa - That is similar to my thoughts. My hips are shrinking so it may just be the muscles contracting and squeezing my hip bones and pelvic bone back into a "normal" size. I am sure it all had to expand to tolerate the girth. I will try the exercises. Like I said though it only seems to happen after my muscles are fatigued at around 5-7 miles and subsides after a few minutes rest.
  12. I am 3.5 months post-op and have lost 64 pounds. Feeling really good, high energy and no more back pain. I have been hiking on the weekends 5-7 miles and find that towards the end of the hike my hips start hurting. Has anyone else had this happen? I wonder if it is just the muscles tightening and getting a workout or could it be something more serious? I don't think it is serious because once I have rested after the hike the ache goes away. I would to start running and hope this isn't going to cause a problem.
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