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  1. Awww thanks!!! That was VERY kind of you to look for me and post. I will see if I can find someone, if not, I'll start planning now for next year. :-) This site was my best resource from those who had gone through this before me. It's time for me to pay it forward. :-) :-) :-)
  2. SUPER AWESOME JODI!!! I'm nearly 5 1/2 years out and doing great! No sagging breasts and very minimal loose skin, though I wouldn't wear a I do have a little stomach pooch, but still have 15-20 lbs more to lose, so it may sag more as I get closer to goal weight. I do have a little sagging in the thighs as well, but at 50, I'm pleased with how I look. I am considering a lower body lift and would like my abs tightened. So happy to see you doing well and grateful that you shared with all of us. You look terrific!!! :-) :-) :-)
  3. Msliberty

    5 years 03-02-15

    140 lbs lost and feeling better than ever!
  4. Hello Everyone! So excited to hear about this cruise! :-) I have never taken a cruise and hope I can get the time off from work to go. I should know something by early next week. In the meantime, I suspect there will be others going alone who may want to share a room with someone. Just putting it out there that depending on price for a single-occupancy cabin, I may opt to room share with someone. Sure hope I can go and meet new people who have taken the same journey I have over 5 years ago and celebrate the successes while exploring new places together. I think this is just what the doctor ordered! :-) Here are my newest pics after 140 lbs weightloss! I'm feeling GREAT!!!
  5. 5 Years Out and Doing Great!!!

    1. tmcgee


      Always good to hear from the long timers!

    2. LouisianaLady


      Way to go! You are inspiration to those of us that are still in the losing phase.

  6. Mimikreebs, congrats on your first step towards a healthier you. I hope your are doing well and not having too much issue with gas. There is so much information on this site to help you. Good luck to you!!! :-)
  7. You look good and healthy! Keep up good work and don't let the bumps in the road take over! Tomorrow is a new day!!!
  8. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! I sure hope you are doing better with the itchiness! I only had access to this site from my Ipod, but it wouldn't let me post for some reason. I have a new computer now, so I can finally get back online. I had two reasons for the itchy skin, Dermabond and Splenda. I don't usually use Zest soap, but it was a life-saver for the itchy incisions. I took showers 3 times a day to get relief. The cortisone creams and pills did not work for me. Let me know if you still are having problems.

  9. Msliberty


    Gorgeous! You look younger too! Well done!!!
  10. Hello Msliberty I had come across your question about itchy redness all over stomach post op. I was just wondering what happen after your visit w/ ur surgeon. It sound like I'm experiencing the same rash. Thanx Ps. Did benadryl help?

  11. Hi there! Sorry I have not been around in several months. After my dad got sick and passed away, I have been fighting depression. Things are looking up now and I am coping. I am very happy to hear that you went to my home land! I know you had a fanastic time - wish I was there too! How are things going for you? I need to catch up on everything. :) Talk to you later...