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  1. Hey Chicken! This is my first time back on the "forum" in at least 3 years. I have to say that you (and a few other peeps) were major factors in my success. I am here, almost 7 years later and have got the best core group of friends. I miss you to pieces and love you to death. Your straight shooting kept many of us on track.
  2. Vanessa (((((hugs)))))!! Please add me, had no idea you were on f/b. How are you doing?
  3. Hi, it has been well over a year since I have even looked at Thinner Times!! I will be 6 years out in July and have maintained my 200# loss. Today I am still at about 130 (give or take a lb or 2). I used to be a very active presense here but have moved on. You can only see the same thing for so long before it is not applicable to you. I am back today because I would like to stress to everyone.....if you are on any "maintenance" meds (for whatever condition) DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM!!!. I am dealing w/some pretty ugly issues right now due to discontinuing thyroid meds a little over a year ago when I was laid off and lost my health insurance. I cannot even begin to tell you how adversly this has affected my whole body. There is a laundry list of stuff that is the nth degree. My THS and T4 levels barely register and the road back is going to be a long one. Let's face it, it took over a year for my body to revolt like is going to be just as long to get me back to "me". If I can pass anything on to those of you on this road, it is to respect the rules, get your protein in wherever you can, stay away from alcohol and TAKE CARE OF YOU! Thanks for listening to me, good luck and God Bless on this incredible journey you are on....Pam
  4. I have not been on here in ages but wanted to wish my podmates, Jeanie and Stacie, a happy 5'th re-birthday!!! Also a belated (Gerry) and early (Angela) re-birthdays to some of my favorite peeps. It has been an interesting journey and I couldn't think of any one better to be on this path with. I love you all sooo much and hope that you can make my big 5-0 on Aug 1!!!! Just FYI, I am 5 years out as of today. Beginning weight was 333 on day of surgery and today I weigh 132. I bounce between 127-139, but all is good. I would have never guessed I would have lost 200 lbs with this surgery but I thank God every day for His assistance. Maintaining at 5 years out has not been a problem....if any thing keeping my weight up (#%$???) has been the issue. My lowest was 123 at which I heard the "anorxic", "bulimic" comments but in truth it was just after I lost my darling Mom. I am happy and "adjusted" now. My prayers and hopes are with you all, wherever you are at in your journey!!!
  5. Thanks again. I just saw the post for Rain's summer party and plan to be there. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new faces. Dale, how are you sweetie? I sure hope you and Tino make it to Rain's, I would love to see your skinny little self. Love you darlin' Dave, Is your friend's band still playing locally? It would be fun to get a group together again to see them.
  6. Thanks all for your warm wishes. I haven't been on here in forever. A little bird (thanks Jeanie) told me there was a post. Cindy, Hey darlin', how have you been? I would love to get together if you get down this way. PM me and I will give you my cell #. Take care all and I promise to try and be better about "checking in"!
  7. Gerry, Jeanie, Stacie, Angela and me! Happy 4th re-birthday to all of us. I have not been on here in so many months but wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very happy 4th re-birthday. Man, have we ever come a long way babies!!! Speaking of which, of the 5 listed above they all have a new baby or one on the way except me! At pushing 49 that is ok with me! Does my 3 month old granddaughter count? All of you have had such an amazing journey and we are still on it. I want to thank you all for having such an impact on my life today and I love you all to your skinny little bones. Hugs and smooches all around!
  8. Hey chickie, have you popped yet? I am sure you must have by now. I haven't been on here in ages. There were 43 pages of posts since last visited. I don't have your phone # any more. Give me a call! home is 660-9616 & cell is 905-0487. Love ya!

  9. oooh bringin' my babies? Woo hoo! I'll see everyone tonight.
  10. I love you both right back! It was a pleasure and an honor to be able to help with your shower. I can't wait til baby Jordan makes her entrance!!
  11. Happy belated birthday peanut! Big hugs
  12. Nice pics Rain! I have several but just don't know how to post them! Thank you so much, you are definitely the hostess with the mostess! Early warning----I am going to have a summer stapler pool party in july.
  13. Ok, I got Captain Morgan's coconut rum and pineapple juice. The funny thing is I bought it before I read that post! Brittany!!!!! Wooo hooo! I am so glad you are coming. Can't wait to see you. See you all tonight!
  14. Glad to hear I won't be the only one cutting out early! I need to be downtown in the morning getting things ready for Staci & Gerry's baby shower. I told my designated driver to expect me to sleep on the hour's ride home!