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  1. Protein and gas?

    anything i can do to help make your day!!! congrats on your goal!!!
  2. Vitamins

    can someone tell me if and where to find the current nutritional guide for us, i'm trying to make sure i'm current on all the vit's i take, i know there was something last year or the year before about niacin. whats the current recomendation?
  3. Protein and gas?

    i have a co worker that i just can't stand; so um, when she really pisses me off, i go fluff up her office. gee, use the negative to make you feel better!!!! (um the namss were changed to protect the innocent)...whew, finally got that off my chest!!!!
  4. Protein and gas?

    i'm five years out and i still can kill you across the room with one of mine. i did hear somewhere that if you aren't digesting the iron vitamin, you fluff more? anyone confirm or deny? i tried the "easy" to digest iron and it made no difference.
  5. Digestion Issues

    [i'm not sure who told me, but one of the doc's said it was from eating too fast. 5 years out, still makes noise. gas, oh my god. YES. gas pills don't work for me.
  6. embarrassed to admit!

    lets look at it this way, we still have all those emotions that we had when we were fatties. i eat after "he" goes to bed. emotional eating is my downfall. i had alot of stress and was on some meds that cause some sleeplessness. no sleep=depression (for me)=emotional eating; i told the doc i couldn't sleep, i got anti depressants (aka my "happy pills"), voila (vewalla) whatever, anyway, no more night eating. getting the head straight takes alot longer than the weight loss; give it time kiddos. ramble ramble ramble
  7. slimfast chocolate 17gr protien 190 cals. i eat one a day with am coffee as breakfast...yum yum. cheapest at wally world:rolleyes:
  8. Medical thoughts please

    i was told the "noise" was from eating too fast. its funny, right after i ate, people would say, oh are you hungry (duh-NOO), and then the rib, i thought i had some kind of tumer when i first felt my hip bones. i lived with my grown daughter at the time and i started crying and she came in, she felt it and said you @*#, thats your hip bone!!!
  9. Pain medication gives me pain!!

    no amount of food or no food ever made a difference for me either. i just HAVE to take the zantac, in fact now i take 2 zantac 150's to 1 darvocette 650 or percocet 350. like i said, talk to your doc
  10. Pain medication gives me pain!!

    [oh my gosh! finally i find out i'm not crazy. anything remotely related to tylenol makes me have TERRIBLE cramping pain. i never had it before my GP and it usesd to be i could take regular tylenol with no problems, but as time has gone on, its got so that i can't even take that. my doc looked at me like i was crazy and said i'd managed to develop an "aversion" to tylenol. i've had 4 surgeries on my wrists and elbows in the last 3 years, and have chronic nerve pain. at one point i realized the pain was kind of like the pain when my gall bladder started going south, and remembered i took zantac 150 and that stopped the cramping, so i tried it and it worked. when i told dumb doc about it, he said, well gee, take the zantac with the pill, don't wait to see if the pain shows up. so thats what i do. then as my pain meds increased, i had to take more zantac. i was talking to one of the anethesiologists for one of the surgeries that it worried me that i was taking so much zantac. he looked it up and he said i could take no more than 8 a day. now i'm not saying its ok to do this for you. CHECK WITH YOUR OWN DOCTOR. my dum doc said i didn't have any signs of an ulcer. everyone is different. this is just what happened to me. gee, like i said now i know i'm not crazy. good luck
  11. old timers...

    originally got down to 116 after a year and a half and gradually, a pound at a time, gained back to 156. so i got mad and took control. here's what i eat. also exercise 1 hour a day, pilates,to warm up, 200 situps with the little sit up thing, treadmill-2miles. breakfast-coffe/creamer (my downfall), protien drink 20 gr and slim fast high protien bar (15gr), 10am-1/2 apple, lunch other half of apple, another protien drink or chicken breast & salad, dnner-meat (chicken, fish) whatevr my honey makes, start with the meat, then salad by then i'm full. evening snack (duh) 100cal popcorn bag or 2 graham crackers with my pills. also-vitamins at night (less gas gets out to the general population-that iron can kill people, i kid you not!!!!! har har har). anyway, i've decided my big downfall was needing to face what i've been eating, when i started writing a diary again, my gosh--so i'm currently cutting back to basics (and using my pouch the way i'm supposed to) and i've lost 5 lbs back so....any questions? ALL TIME HIGH-246/GOAL-125/ LOWEST-116 (i was sick with the flu)/CURRENT 151
  12. I have an eating disorder... do you?

    well bridget, my pal, i've not been on line here OR AT GROUP for a long long time, if you remember i started coming when i had gained close to 20lbs back, and i'd had a HUGE fight with my main squeeze cause he said something stupid and i took it wrong and walked out on him. i came to the support group for the first time the next night (we'd been together for 3-1/2 years at that time and i thought things were over for us). i was a TOTAL mess and i couldn't figure out how to reverse the whole thing. well, the group didn't solve all my problems, but for a total stranger to listen who understood like no one else in my life how the weight gain or loss affects everything else, you were a god send for me. i think of you often standing at the screen door being so nice and just listening. thank god for you my dear. things began to turn around for me starting then, things are not all solved but it was a new NEW beginning for me. i will always have an eating disorder, i will always suspect my friends and family are looking at me thinking, oh look, she'll gain it all back, and i will always sneak food at night, but i will have A TOOL, my pouch and my support network computer pals. you guys and your honesty. so please use us as we have used you bridget, we owe you far more than you'll ever know....i'm traveling when the next group meets east county, but i'll make the next one after others have said, email me girl, next time you want that burger you like at jack in the box!!!! i'll talk you out of it anytime -- see you soon -- nancy ps: i found out a little after all this happened that the pain meds i take for nerve damage had caused weight gain, depression, and amnesia!!! hmm, so obviously the med's finally got changed!! wish they made a pill to make me hate chocolate!!! oh well
  13. Perception

    i used to look at my legs as i got out of bed and go wow, are those mine!! every morning. what a lovely surprise, cause they are!!
  14. Callery/Potts kids

    OK so tonight i went to my 2nd meeting ever of the east county support group--what a great group. because of my situation (meeting day conflicted with a previous commitment) and other great excuses i never went. geez, my weight loss life would have been so much simpler had i gone, so Calary kids, here is a FREE, kick back with friends, really great bunch of people who GET IT...(i really wanted to thank you guys it was good for me) so anyway, the REAL reason i'm sticking my nose in here is cause if you were at bridget's tonight, i told a story about exercising. and what i didn't tell you guys about my situps is that i use a cheaters bar. this bar is SOOO CHEAP it'll make ya laugh. the cheater bar (for lack of a better word) supports your head and shoulders so you crunch with your stomach muscles. also i didn't sit down the first day and do 4 million sit ups, i worked up to it. my secret rule is that i have to do as much as i did the day before plus 2, thats why i can do so many. i also keep a written log to keep me honest with myself. its now a source of pride. the last advice (and then i'll shut up) is i HIGHLY recommend if you are going to buy an exercise bike, get the ones that have a regular "chair" (with a flat seat and flat backrest) kids bought mine at walmart for 89$ and got the situp gadget there for $19. so whats really cool about all of this....i can do more situps than my kids!!!!!! added together they still can't top me!!!!! ps: i'm 51 years young ha ha ha and 2x a grandma and ain't it cool!!! anyway love this sight, and thanks again bridget for the group! - nancy
  15. ? about weight gain

    my head is spinning!! you guys crack me up:p