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  1. Hi Karen, How have you been doing? I haven't seen you on TT lately. How is your weight loss going? I have met my goal and weigh 138 lbs. I am thrilled with my progress and am loving my current weight. I don't plan on losing anymore weight but have continued to lose. So, I have recently increased my calories to stop losing. Hope to hear from you soon, Jodi

  2. Hi Karen, How are you doing? I haven't seen you on TT lately. Tomorrow, it will be 6 months since my surgery and am down 82 lbs from the start from the journey. I am thrilled with my progress. How is weight loss going? Have you heard from Debbie lately? I live only 30 minutes from her. Right before her surgery we were talking a lot but ever since her surgery I have not heard a word from her. I did hear from other people that she was having a hard time. Jodi

  3. OK, I have been noticeing ad's on TV for WLS, they all end with "ACT FAST, because this benifit could be going away with the new Health Care Reform!" Does anyone know of this part of the bill????
  4. size 22wp to size 12

    Thanks Terry, but L@@K at YOU Girlfriend!!!! Fabulous pic. it's really been a great year!!!
  5. size 22wp to size 12

    8 months and still grooving. Here is a contrast from the highest to now. It's been amazing. k
  6. Concerned....

    I strongly recommend talking with your doctor to ascertain why certain protein products are recommended and if any substitutions are allowed. Sometimes it's all about your health issues.
  7. Concerned....

    I live in Orange County and there are 3 programs very close together. The protien powder was something that I had to purchase too. To tell you the truth, I didn't use it as directed in the beginning, but love it now as a meal replacement. None of it went to waste. It seems to me that all the COE (centers of excellence) have the same requirements of a psych eval, nutritional consult, and pre-op testing for stress test. Co-pays are co-pays and you can't do much about that. If you like your center and the doctor, then relax and go with it. There are many many more changes coming your way. I am 8 months post-op and so very happy I did it. I have a friend going through a program in LA county and her requirements were a little different from mine. Back to the protein powder, it's worth it. The stuff i purchased from the doctor has 30grams of pro per serving and it's actually good. I love it in place of breakfast. Don't let these temporary changes derail your plan. k
  8. Bicycle Recommendations

    Go to a good bike shop and ride a few, but be careful with how to "view" the tires, the WIDER the tire, the more road resistant and the HARDER the ride and SLOWER the ride, (It doesn't mean a SOFTER ride) so the thinner tires on a hybrid are better and if you ever get a need for speed, the hybrid will deliver about 15mph. The road bike (ALA Lance Armstrong) is lighter and quicker and if you really get into cycling, that is where you will end up. I love to RIDE!!!!! ps, you will also want to get bike gloves and some bike shorts, your tush and your hands take a beating.
  9. Scarring from surgery

    Whoa Stacie, they look very good, and they will continue to fade, by the way, you look very very thin. karen
  10. Update:I had WLS yesterday!

    It works, it's no fast, but it works. I have had 2 fills and I feel that I am where I need to be for now. I truely am not hungery. I get cravings, but that is something I have to work on. The fills were not painful and I think I had the first one at 3mon. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, just follow the doctor's advice. For what it's worth, I eat Protein (mostly chicken), steamed vegatables, and fruit. I try to always eat fresh and stick to the lean meats. I haven't purchased a loaf of bread since surgery. I still can't trust myself in the house "ALONE" with the bread : ) by Christmas, you will be amazed at yourself. Karen
  11. random pictures

  12. Update:I had WLS yesterday!

    Yipppeeeee! you are on your way, the payoff will be good. Just a short story, I was in Talbots today (previously had to shop their Womans section, and wearing size 22WP in 12/09), but today, I bought size 12. I started with the 18's, then 16's, then 14's and then I zipped up the 12 and wanted to SHOUT!!! The band does work, and the gas you feel now will go away, just keep walking. Karen
  13. Got my date and ...

    My advice would be to get a Magic Bullet for your protien mixes, I use mine every day and love it. Also a pill cutter for things that may seem too large to swallow. Liquid Tylenol, and Don't purchase any more clothes, you won't need them in a few weeks karen
  14. Hey Jodi, I wish I could eat salad, I really miss it, but I can eat chicken. The beef is not for me though, and I miss even the thought of a good steak. Oh well, k
  15. My advice is to make sure you fully understand the doctor and follow his instructions. In the end, you will be happy, men do so very well with WLS. k