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    I hope you have something special planned for today.

  2. Don't even start looking until you get to at least September or October. By then you may find a 16 it too big. But if it isn't, I will be giving up my white down coat. And I will pass it along to you if you still need it. You have plenty of time to find a coat. And you will be surprised at what size you will be by that time.
  3. I paid out $1600 for the hospital. Find out what your total Out of Pocket amount will be. You may end up paying out much less.
  4. Most blood tests are automated so there is no one involved and no one reads your blood tests. The labs charge outrageous amounts for these tests because no one has really stopped them and what they can't get from insurance they pass along to the patient. I agree that you should call around and find out exactly what it is going to cost before you submit to anything.
  5. i found you again!!!!!! OMG the new forum deleted all of my messages!!!!! thankyou for messaging me!!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you??? I love looking at your starting weight and current weight....... Girl you are doing SOOOOOOOO good i am so happy for you!

  6. I am 9 months out and I haven't had a single problem. The only time I have been exceedingly uncomfortable is after eating a piece of wedding cake. That was the worst feeling. But I have had no complications and the weight is coming off. I am very happy that I chose the bypass.
  7. I have Aetna EPO plan and I had one Psych visit. If your therapist requires more than one visit that is her deal. Call Aetna and get another therapist. This one is not working for you. I am bipolar and I knew I wasn't going to need more than one visit. I have had enough therapy to be a therapist.
  8. It took me about 6 weeks before I felt like a human being again. Keep in mind that you have just had major surgery and although you can't see it on the outside, on the inside your body is not very happy with you right now. Give yourself a chance to heal. If you had had open heart surgery would you expect to be out running at the second week?? No, and you have had major surgery so treat yourself to the time it takes to get better.
  9. I was losing about 10 lbs a month and now it has slowed down. I think if you are losing that much you are doing very well. Some people lose faster and some slower.
  10. I am so happy for you. My life has changed in the same way and it just makes every day that much better. Enjoy!!!
  11. This is something you will want to work out in therapy. Yes, we all know poison people; people who try to control us with their money, their "gifts" and everything else. It's just worse when it comes from your mother because this is the one person you expect to love you non-conditionally and in your case, the one person who puts demands on their love. I feel for you. I grew up in a very loving home and I cannot begin to imagine life with a mother who causes chaos just because she can.
  12. My PCP told me to use regular peanut butter (my choice is Jif) because th fat content wasn't that high and it would add fiber( crunchy) to my diet when added with whole wheat loads of grain bread. I have tried all of the brands listed above but Jif is going to stay in my cabinets.
  13. I don't regret it at all. I lost 70 lbs before surgery and I have lost 70 since. I appreciate the discipline that you have to have to keep to the diet and although I have strayed, I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. Keep going forward. You won't regret it.
  14. I am down 140 lbs and I still see the "other" me. I am in a size 14-16 from a 32-34 and I still see the fat. It's just a problem realizing that you really have changed.
  15. There but for the grace of God and a the hands of a good surgeon.....We were all like that once. We should never judge those who have not hit bottom. At least you have changed your ways. One day maybe she will and her children will...