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  1. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    bypass all the way to many things go wrong with bands x
  2. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    I WILL DO Sas thanks sweety xxx
  3. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    thanks Misty, yeah this year has flown very quickly, it is frustrating for me but fingers crossed this shall be my last time under the knife x
  4. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    hi sassy, yes im a nhs patient, by the time my op date arrives i will of had a empty band 11months, ive regained just over 3stone, but thats just one of them things. i now want the finality of a bypass xx
  5. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    thankyou Claire x
  6. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    3rd time lucky !

    as most of you can guess i have had 2bands my 1st was removed and replaced due to faulty tube/banding, my 2nd was damaged last December during plastic surgery, so i have lived with a empty band 11months by the time im converted, nearly 6 years on from my 1st wls procedure i will be converted to a bypass, i now have my date for this now which is November 5th, so fingers crossed 3rd time lucky for me with a bypass, i will update once im done and sorted...... cheers from Liz x
  7. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    How many CCs of fill before "restriction"

    most banders do not get any restriction from there 1st fill, it can vary when good restriction is reached and it also depends on the band size as well, most banders start to feel some form of restriction usually just past a band being half full, then the learning curve of learning to live with restriction can start.
  8. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Happy Birthday Karlos!

    happy birthday karl, did u get any nice pressies ? x
  9. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    So what have you lost?

    hhhmm do i need to type in my gains as well ? lol z x
  10. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    The Dark Side of Women

    lol @ u Karl
  11. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Band to Bypass

    hi tx mom, with my 2bands i never got to a ideal healthy weight and at my lowest i was still in the obese bmi catogory, it would be so nice to get down to a ideal healthy weight but i dont want to go under weight as id be starting with a lower bmi than usual, i am re gaining weight at the moment but i dont want to regain much more as i have had 2 plastic surgeries now and i dont want to un do the good results of that so this is why i want a bypass asap x
  12. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Band to Bypass

    hi boston girl, im now on to my 2nd failed band and i dont really want a 3rd, i personally think a bypass would be a more long term solution for me, how does the bypass feel compared to the band ? does the restrictive feelings feel similar i really am unsure of what to expect as ive been banded 5 years now and id have to re ajust my minds way of thinking yet again, i hope im strong enough to do this if the op is going ahead.Thanks again for your response x
  13. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Band to Bypass

    thanks for your response i wish you luck with your upcoming op, please let me know how you get on, im still waiting for a final decision to be made.
  14. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Home Home on the Range

    im ok not to bad thanks karl, my bands knackered again and i dont want it fixed, sarah had her tummy tuck and looks fabulous im really proud of her, i will text ya me new number x
  15. 2.b.a.n.d.s.l.i.z

    Band to Bypass

    thanks misty x