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  1. It's my Birthday :)

    Thanks everybody! Had a wonderful day!
  2. Protein shakes for dummies

    Early out I used the Syntrax nectar too. When you are able to get down more you can add more flavorings like sugar free syrup and SF pudding (it helps keep the foam down).
  3. It's my Birthday :)

    I haven't been on here in ages. Today is my 39th Birthday. A little over 3 years ago I had gastric bypass. I'm feeling better now then I did back then. At my lowest weight I was down to 141 while I have gained some weight back 151 this morning. I'm healthy and more fit than I've ever been. I love crossfit and running! The key for me has been to watch what I eat and excersize. I've also been blessed to have people in my life that want me to succed. I've found that with my family and CrossFit! I'm going to enjoy the beautiful weather today! Here in Virginia it's going to be in the high 70's! What a great birthday gift in the middle of winter Hope everyone has a blessed day!
  4. Tomorrow is my 5th Surgiversary!

    Yay! Happy Surgiversary!
  5. 10k Baby!

    My running partner and I ran for 10 minutes walked for 5. For a 10k it works. There is no way I could run over 6 miles straight.
  6. 10k Baby!

    My running partner and I didn't get the chance to train like we normally do but we have been going to cross fit. I think that helped with our endurance today. I was pleased with my time 1 hour and 21 minutes! I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and this was the Elizabeth River 10k. Yep I'm a formar 240lb fat girl who ran a 10k today! I'm proud of myself. I'm sticking to diet and exercise. It's the only way to go! Life is good! Going to add a picture of me and my running partner Kathy. She is wonderful! The woman NEVER gives up on me. Those are the kind of people you have to surround yourself with. People that care and want to see you succeed
  7. I'm not one to boast....but...

    Yay Shanda! You are truely amazing and an inspiration! You've done so well. I see all your posts on facebook about hitting the gym and working out. You got this last 129! Great before and after pics too

    Mine only went down a 1/2 size from a 10 9 1/2 My feet are not as puffy though, lol! I got boney feet now!
  9. I'm about 2 1/2 years out. The only thing that has kept me in the same size (I've been a 10 for the past couple of years) is exersize. I'm not talking about walking around the block. I'm talking about sweating your heart out exersize. I cross fit atleast 3 times a week (I try for 4) and I run. And not just a mile I try for atleast 2 1/2 to 3 miles. And I do that a couple of times a week. I admit I do eat carbs and some sugar but for me keeping my activity level and montoring how my clothes fit is the key for me. I honestly don't worry to much about what the scale says. I've gained some weight back but like I said my clothes fit. And I know I've actually gained muscle (cuz going to crossfit will do that, lol!). You got this don't let it get out of control...You have it in you to get the weight back off
  10. How Painful Is The Surgery?

    I have a very low tolerance for pain. I was miserable for weeks. And to top it off I was given Loritab for pain. And I ended up not being able to take it...I took tylenol crushed in water. I felt bad for weeks but. The good news is the pain doesn't last forever. And it's really worth it
  11. Do you have sleep apnea and take loritab for your pain medication? The same thing was happening to me. I would wake up with my heart racing like I was in a marathon. I went to the er 5 different times. I finally contacted my sleep doctor. When I showed him that the surgeon had perscribed me Loritab he told me to stop taking it. It did take several days for the loritab to leave my system but when it did I felt a lot better. Hang in there hope you start to feel better. I also wanted to add for pain medication I took crushed up tylenol in water. I'm not gonna lie it was nasty but it worked enough to take the edge off of the pain.
  12. Food Allergies.

    You need to see your doctor and get an allergy test. Food allergies are nothing to mess around with.... Hope you are feeling better
  13. My 600Lb Life

    I'm glad she lost all of the weight but I was dissapointed that they didn't show her excersice plan. I hope she has one because it's key to keeping your weight down.
  14. Lovenox Injections Post Op

    Not sure what you have. I know I was able to get a home health nurse to come in to the house during my recovery to give me mine. I didn't want to have anything to do with giving myself a shot. And I was lucky that my insurance covered the home health care nurse. Might be something to look into.
  15. Sleep Apnea

    My daughter and I both have severe sleep apnea (my daughter started cpap at 11years old). I think it took her maybe 2 or 3 nights to get used to it and now she always sleeps with her machine. And it took me a couple of nights to get accustom to using it. You may pull the mask off in your sleep. If you have allergies let your sleep doctor know. Mine says you need to be on nasonex to keep your nose from being swollen. You will feel a difference! And remember just because you lose weight doesn't mean the sleep apnea will go away. Mine never did and I still use the machine every night myself. Good luck!