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  1. I am trying to keep up with Michelle and Sarah (Donna's daughter), but being 3000 miles away is hard. As I hear updates from them, I will post here and on Facebook.... Donna, Michelle, Jay, and Sarah...I am holding you guys up in prayer and won't stop.
  2. Me too!! Someone send me a PM since I am not on all the time anymore - I will get an email to come check it out so I don't miss anything
  3. Im on FB to - Whitney Cunningham
  4. I am glad to hear things are going well, Corrine - you both will remain in my prayers!
  5. I am also late in replying, but how awful!! I am so sorry for your loss, Rain - you and your family will remain in my prayers!
  6. Hej Whitney! Hope all is as good as can be with you. Wishing you a happy week-end and nice things planned... Still riding???! Cheers, Vim

  7. Hi Whitney. I haven't seen you around in ages...hope life is treating you well. :)

  8. Practically everything I own is PC!! I love everything and use the measuring cup, the small bar stone, the round stone, and the bread stones a lot. I eventually use everything depending on what I'm making
  9. I'm in Virginia Beach - a while ago there was a thread about a bunch of us getting together, but I don;t think it ever happened...hope it does!
  10. Oh sweetie - I am so sorry. I pray that another door opens for you, and with your personality, I am sure it will...
  11. The HR side of the house sucks big time when having to lay people off. For those of you surviving one or for those of you doing them, I have a pamphlet/book thingie called "Surviving a Layoff". PM me your address and I can "permanently borrow" a couple to send out - if you want to order them for your company it might be a nice gesture - Dahlstrom is who your order them from, and I get get their contact info for you as well if you want to check it out...
  12. Pat!!! I am on Myspace at horsegalwhit, but use Facebook like all the time. FB rules, and you really need to try it too...
  13. I would definitely recommend a recliner - I used one for 2-3 weeks and am really glad I had it b/c I was afraid of ripping something important when rolling over in bed or trying to get out. Good luck - you will be a happy camper