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  1. Hi Dr. Callery, Your response on a previous question has me curious. I am 8 years post-op Lap Band, done by you (waves!). You stated that an NG tube placement must be done with care. Do you recommend we carry a wallet card or wear a medical alert bracelet notifying ED teams that we have had surgery or are banded? Or would quick placement in an emergent situation be more critical? Thank you for your time, Denise
  2. We ought to meet up for coffee or decaf sometime! Socal peeps unite!
  3. I don't come to the forum often because the band section is so quiet. I've been banded 6 1/2 years now. Maintaining an 80 lb loss. I've been having some port pain lately and am scheduling an appointment for that. There is no redness or anything, and I am not really concerned. I've had no complications on my journey, and I love my band. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Denise
  4. Hey there!! I am in San Diego. I went to Dr. Mueller's info session, but ultimately had Dr. Callery do my surgery. I have a band and am maintaining an 80 lb loss.
  5. My sister has a condition called gastroparesis. It is not related to WLS, but her stomach does not empty right. Also, things do not move through her intestines at the right speed. For her it is due to lupus. For a time she had to take antibiotics which can speed up the GI process.
  6. I submitted weight watchers records, so I did not have to wait another 6 months to get started with my surgeon.
  7. In the US, insurance companies didn't start covering the band until around 2007. So it wasn't as popular in these parts until then. I am one of my surgeon's first band patients. At 5 years out, I've had very few problems, just needed a couple of unfills. I am sorry to hear you lost your band, but am hoping you are feeling better from whatever caused you to lose it.
  8. Hi There! Sorry for the delayed response! I eat about 1 to 1.5 cups per meal. Sometimes less. I do not supplement protein. My surgeon wants me eating calories, not drinking them. I drink more than enough fluids throughout the day. I can eat more than a few bites. You should be able to eat about 3 oz of solid protein at a meal plus some veggies on the side. A meal generally holds me about 3-4 hours. Foods I cannot tolerate are chicken breast, it is just too dense and dry. I can eat dark meat with no trouble. Also doughy breads, like white bread, doughnuts, and bagels. They just get all gummed up and get stuck in the band. Best wishes to you!!
  9. I've been banded 4.5 years, down about 75 lbs. I take a multi vitamin and calcium supplement every day. Nothing prescription strength. Carbonated sodas give me the hiccups. They just aren't worth the effort. I can eat whole grain breads, but very doughy ones are off the table. They become a ball and get stuck in the hole of the band going through to the stomach. This is quite painful when it gets lodged like that, so avoidance becomes the action of choice. Starches are up to you and your dietary team. You only have a limited amount of room for food, you need to choose wisely what you use that space for. Protein, non-starch veggies, and fruits are more nutritionally dense, and less calorically dense. They should generally be first choice.
  10. That's awesome! Wish I were closer, San Diego's just a tad too far away.
  11. I am 4 years out with my band. It is working as advertised. I chose it for many reasons. I was on the lower end of the BMI scale for qualifying for WLS. I did not want the malabsorption that GBP offers. Sleeve was not an option when I was banded. But what I know of, I am not sure I'd have seriously considered it. I will say, if this band gives me problems, I'd get another (at this point, subject to change, of course). If re-banding were not possible, I'd definitely revise to another surgery, and I'd work with my surgeon to decide which procedure was best.
  12. I would think that it can. I don't know much about sleeves. You might post the question in the ask Dr. Callery section.
  13. Hey there!! Did we meet at Dr. Callery's support group in December?
  14. Wonderful! Glad you are feeling better. Stupid that a # can lead to such misery. So, did you get another band? Or did they reposition the one you had? Or are you now an RNY-er?
  15. Have you contacted your insurance company yet to determine if they cover WLS? If they do, what are their requirements? Most that cover WLS do so with a BMI of 40 or over with no co-morbidities, but they all have individual requirements. Some require 6 month supervised diet programs. All require some medical testing. Approaching a PCP can be tough. If he or she has a weight problem, too, it can make it easier. If you have a long history together, that can help also. Mainly speak calmly and rationally. Show that you've done your research and say that this is what you want. You KNOW that another diet will not work, you've been there, done that. Diets fail. WLS is proven effective.