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  1. Hi, I am a little over a year out. My bariatric doctor does not draw any labs unless you are having a problem. My lupus doctor was drawing labs on me for my lupus and I asked him to check on some of my vitamin levels. My iron came back at a 15. He said that was borderline low and I should make sure not to miss any of my multivitamins. Is this accurate? How low is this or what number should it be?
  2. Is it possible that we malabsorb steroids? I was given a round of oral steroids for my lupus and they did absolutely nothing for me. I have taken this in the past and they were extremely helpful. I was wondering if they did not work this time because of possible malabsorption or if they were just not a strong enough dose. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. I know we are not supposed to take any steroids after rny. However I have lupus and it is flared up so badly right now that my lupus dr. feels that it is imperative that I take a short term moderate dose. I was prescribed 15mg a day for 3 days, 10mg a day for 3 days and then 5mg a day for 3 days. So a total of 9 days. I spoke to my gastric dr. and they said that while it is not recommended, sometimes it is necessary. There are times that the benefits of taking the steroid may outweigh the risks. They recommend that I continue to take my prescribed 150mg ranitidine twice a day and to monitor myself for any pain or burning in abdomen. I started the prednisone today but I'm a nervous wreck about it. Not only am I worried about ulcers but I'm also worried about weight gain. (although my dr. has ***ured me that at this dose and for only 9 days there will not be any weight gain.) Has anyone had any experience in taking steroids after rny?
  4. The drinking thing is hard. To combat it I've come up with this solution. I always keep some cut up fruit in the house. Cantaloupe, blackberries and apples are my favorite right now. I end every meal with about 3 bites of fruit. It wets your mouth so you don't feel dry and it doesn't have enough liquid in it to count as drinking. It's also healthy for you. It has truly been a wonderful solution for me.
  5. Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohls. I have a flat butt too and these both look pretty nice. Especially the Lauren Conrad skinny jeans.
  6. Wow!!!! What a remarkable difference!! You look at least 10 years younger. You look amazing! You should be so proud of yourself - keep up the good work! :)
  7. It has 53 grams of protein in the entire entree. You won't be able to eat all of it at once. When I get a meal in a restaurant I usually have leftovers for a few additional meals. So unless you're going to eat it all in one day, don't count all of the protein for one day. That does look like a pretty good meal though. I hope you enjoy it!!
  8. I never thought I was obsessed with food. However since having surgery, I now watch a wide variety of cooking/baking/food shows that I have never in my life been interested in before. When I can't watch them I tivo them for later. I bake almost every week and I am always buying new little cooking/baking gadgets to try. The baked goods I either freeze, my family eats them or I give them away. I'm also almost constantly trying new dinner recipes It's like if I can't eat the food the way I used to, I at least want to be touching it, making it, smelling it, involved with it in some way. And then I'm perfectly content to have just my little portion. I didn't realize this as an obsession until my husband pointed it out to me. For awhile I was completely preoccupied with these wedding cake shows on tv. Until my hubby said "hon - you're kinda scaring me. We've been married 13 years and your suddenly obsessed with wedding cakes - um we've already had ours"! So then I began noticing it and yep I seem to be obsessed with making food! Weird, huh?!!
  9. Unfortunately my lupus pain is the same as it was prior to surgery. Part of lupus pain is severe inflammation of the joints. Mine affects my hands and arms mostly. I imagine if the pain was in my knees or hips it would of improved since there would be less weight bearing on those joints. On a side note, right after surgery all of my lupus symptoms were vastly improved for a short time. My dr. explained to me that after surgery when your body is trying to heal itself all of the inflammation from an illness will subside while your body focuses itself on healing from the surgery. I felt the best I had in years shortly after surgery and was hoping the dr. was wrong and I was going to continue on this way. Unfortunately my dr. was right and about 4 months after surgery all my lupus symptoms have come back with a vengeance. Of course I still feel good about losing weight. I'd rather have my pain and be thin than have my pain and be heavy!
  10. Congratulations! Your dress is gorgeous. And you look absolutely beautiful in it. I wish you many many years of happiness!!!!!
  11. I wore my regular underwire bra there and back home. I went braless for the first couple days at home and then went back to my regular underwire bras. I had no problem with them.
  12. I'm still looking for something to help with my lupus pain. I currently have a prescription for Tramadol which does absolutely nothing for me. I also have a prescription for Flexeril which I get no relief from either. It doesn't even make me drowsy so I can get some rest. If you find something that works, let me know. I really miss my nsaids.
  13. I was fairly thin in high school. I am 5'3" and I remember going from 103 to 114 one year in high school and being horrified at how fat I was. In my late teens/early 20's I carried an average weight of about 130 lbs. At age 28 I had a death in my family that rocked me to me core. I started having anxiety, depression and panic attacks. The dr. started me on prozac and I quickly gained up to 184 lbs. Right before my wedding when I was 30, with the help of diet pills, I lost down to 158. I got pregnant 3 months later and had my son when I was 31. I then spent the next 13 years gaining weight up to an all time high of 232 lbs. Once during that time I did the atkins diet and got down to 181 lbs. but it was short lived and then right back up I went. I am now at 153 and will hopefully reach a goal of at least 135. My appearance is totally different now than it was the last time I was around this weight. My face is much thinner and I am wearing a smaller size. (I wonder if the clothing manufacturers are making things bigger now) It's a little odd and disconcerting to see a different me emerging than I expected. I'm happy with my weight loss so far but people are starting to tell me I don't need to lose anymore. I think that's crazy - I think they are just used to seeing my so heavy. Anyway, I can't wait to see what I will look like when I reach my goal.
  14. Glad everything went well for you. And yes, they will settle. It takes some time for them to soften up and drop to where they will eventually be.