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  1. I had a Breast lift and reduction, full tummy tuck and a medial thigh lift and liposuction. I was on the slab for 8 hours. My cats do not care either but I am an athlete and the fat was getting in the way and dragging me down. I am not any thinner now but a bit less bulge-y.
  2. I had a terrific experience in 2009 at Norwalk Hospital and in fact was quite surprised by it. And I had plastic surgery at St Vincent's and had a good experience there as well.
  3. Phatlady

    Protein Bars

    I am no fan of Proti anything and I dump so I can not go near the sugar alcohol in anything, it is poison to my system. I am posting this in case anyone else is like me, I want to avoid making anyone really sick.There are very few protein bars that are not loaded in sugar and for the first year I would steer clear of them all together and eat real food. If you are in the losing phase, you really do not need to carbo or protein load for a work out. trust me, I work out heavily and always have and when I was heavier, there were enough built in reserves, LOL. Even now when I run, except for race mornings, I do not load any calories or carbs pre run. Once you reach your weight goal that will be important. At this point concentrate on hydrating heavily for a work out- a protein shake is better.
  4. So here is the interesting fact about this weight loss and the repercussions. First we all wind up at different sizes even though we may not be that far off pounds wise, You are a size four and I am a size 15/16 pants and a large top. You can get to your goal weight or nearly there and still be deeply dissatisfied with your body. I think this is a very important factor in this entire process. Now that you are thin, your body may be crapey, hanging lose skin, bulges, cottage cheese, hanging flapping parts, etc so that you feel very self conscious and not at all satisfied with the outcome. I met a woman who had gained about half her lost weight and she spoke about not being prepared to have an end result that she did not enjoy and I think the feeling of unhapiness allowed her to regain weight. And I have a friend who lost over 100 pounds by himself and was left with a huge spare tire on his waist. He says now he so wished he had had plastic surgery a decade or more ago. Today he is bigger than ever and is not considering GB since he lost a friend to it-she never got out of recovery. And he was not supportive of my doing it either and will nopt talk about it...but he was wanting to speak about all my plastics. Sadly, most plastics are not covered by insurance and most people do not have the spare money to spend on it, especailly in this economy! And so herein lies the rub because the psychological repercussions are vast and can be defeating as well. I made a mental decision to go sleeveless ever since I lost my weight. I could be thinner-but do not seem able to lose the weight-I have been within the same four pounds for three years no matter what I do-even after massive plastics! BUt I have never worn sleeveless tops or dresses, never worn shorts except on the tennis court, so no matter how ripply, jiggly or ugly my skin, I am going to wear these clothes in public! However, I am intensely aware, even after all my plastic surgery, how tremendous my flaws and hhow much my body shows the lifelong ravages of obesity and weight gained and lost and gained again...
  5. Len, I am so happy for you and so very pleased to reconnect here and see that you are more than well~! Sending hugs and keep it up!!! You are a true inspiration!
  6. Just a little follow up to my original post. I am over five months out now and have seen my Surgeon several times for check ups. I am mostly healed. | My tummy has an overhang still of about two inches-it is not sagging but puffy right across my hip line and I am more full than I had hoped. The surgeon sort of mentioned he could have pulled tighter on the tummy tuck but prefers not to. I do wish I was tighter and flatter across the tummy. I can only hope I can lost ten more pounds some how and that it will get flatter but I am not too hopeful. My thighs are hmmmm, well, they are thinner at the crotch, my mons is much reduced although it does not look like Playboy, LOL. And for the first time in my life there is a small gap between my thighs. But then lower, mid thigh and below, in spite of the thigh lift and lipo, is not only not smaller but I guess the lipo has left my thighs looking lumpier than they did pre op. So, the thigh lift is not what I had hoped. Also, I am about a half a size smaller in my waist but not in my thighs SO...I am not even a size smaller. My stomach has never been an issue. I do still feel it when I sneeze or pull myself up in bed and when I run on the tennis court, I feel tingles! I think the skin is trying to regain some sensation as I am pretty numb in the middle of my stomach. My boobs , which I really was not concerned about, look great! They are a nice shape and size and fit my body and they are perky!! I did have a small lump under my left boob and an inch plus bump at the incision line on my right boob. So, last week I went for an out patient scar revision. My surgeon poked about 8 shots of numbing stuff into each boob, used a scalpel and a scissors on the right boob, cut the offending lumpy areas and restitched both boobs. It did hurt that night but by the next day it was sore. I packed the bra line with gauze pads because they were taped but bleeding and they were right on the underside bra line. By day two I was back on the tennis court. Yesterday I had my stitches pulled and so once again my boobies were sore but today I played tennis wearing two bras and I feel pretty okay. They are just a tad tender. Although it has been five months, my thigh scars are very tender and get sore if I remove compression shorts. So, I live in compression shorts day and night and rub oil in my scars up to four times a day. I see my surgeon in June for another follow up and I assume at that point he will take after pictures for his web site and porfoliio. I did get a facelift estimate-mid face and neck and upper and lower eyelids-$15,000. So for now I will look old and haggard, LOL!
  7. All I know is you are in one of the best places for medical care, hard to beat Pittsburgh! Good luck!
  8. I sincerely would not suggest you even consider plastics until you have reached your weight loss goal and held your weight loss for at least a year. however, you should take pictures yourself as well as the Dr and I would start to try to find comfortable compression garments to help keep you dryer and more comfortable. Congrats on your weight loss sucess so far! great job!!
  9. Marisa, remember to lie low post op so you can really heal this time. you have been through the ringer!
  10. Oh, Jeanie, hate you, LOL. I am about one half size smaller at my waist but can not wear a size smaller even though my thighs were done as well...ahhhh, life is not fair! And I am four months out so it is not happening!
  11. LOL, I am four months out now so I have let go of that fantasy!!
  12. I love, love, love swimming and I swim in the Sound all summer long even though the beach I go to has tons of college aged kids and perfect bodies, this is the only body I have so I turn a blind eye to my self consciousness and enjoy the sun, sand and swimming!
  13. I gained over ten pounds after surgery from swelling and fluids. And then the scale never lost a pound from my pre op weight-8 hours of surgery and no weight loss, whaaaaaaaaaaaa.....