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  1. Glad to report that my primary care doctor told me to treat with antacids and continue with surgery as planned. I am feeling MUCH better and she thinks that's because the prilosec I've been taking has kicked in after a few days.
  2. I know, of course consulting a doctor is the sensible thing to do. And sense has won out, I have an appt with my primary care in 45 mins. If that means my surgery gets postponed, I'll just have to live with that. It would be completely insane to allow abdominal surgery without telling my surgeon that I'm having abdominal pain. I can't believe I was going to do that! Thanks as always!
  3. Interestingly, I realize that today is my exact 2 year anniversary of my gastric bypass. Up until a couple of days ago, it has been a DREAM. What was NOT a dream was the lap band I had for 6 years before I converted, which never worked, created major discomfort in my life, and finally left me with a hernia where my port was. I am scheduled for my hernia surgery for Tuesday. Not only does the hernia hurt and I want to have it fixed, but I have arranged my entire life (gotten leave from work, husband rearranged his travel schedule, etc) to have it on Tuesday. A couple of days ago, I start
  4. rsw

    Yay! Pregnant!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Ali, that's very well put--it was the hardest news to hear (sounds like you know from experience, so I'm sorry). The craziest part now is that my stomach is continuing to expand despite a few pounds lost, and I am more nauseous than ever! I keep having to remind myself that there is no living baby in there, because in spite of what I know, I keep thinking that the doctor must have been wrong and that the baby is growing. Makes sense I suppose--isn't denial the first stage of grief? I'm firmly stuck in it.
  5. rsw

    Yay! Pregnant!

    Well, my jubilance was short-lived. I went to the dr on Fri for my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. The timing was especially rotten because it was Christmas and I have two other kids, so I had to hold it together. I wanted to just lay in bed with my dog and cry. The cruel thing is that my pregnancy symptoms continue. I still have the nausea and the heartburn, but no baby as a reward. The doctor told me that within a couple of weeks, my body will miscarry. He offered me a d&c, but I dread a medical procedure more than I dread waiting it out. I know I am incredibly lucky
  6. I'm 39 and pregnant! Had my first at 33 and second at 36. At under 30, you have a lot of years of fertility in front of you!
  7. rsw


    I'll jump in! This is my 3rd pregnancy and my first post GBS. I am 7 weeks and I feel pretty good. My first pregnancy was a breeze, I hardly even noticed I was pregnant. My second pregnancy was MISERABLE--throwing up for the entirety and just DRAGGING through my life. By 7 weeks with my second, I was barely functional. This time around feels more like my first. So for me at least, I don't think the GBS is affecting at all how I feel during the pregnancy.
  8. rsw

    Yay! Pregnant!

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on this site for a while, but of course this is the first place I came when I learned I'm pregnant. This is my third pregnancy and my first one post GBS. It took us a year to conceive, so I am just jubilant!! I don't trust any doctor to really know about the effects of GBS, even though I have the utmost faith in my OB who I saw for both of my other pregnancies. My other two were post lap-band, but that didn't really affect anything much. I am really nervous about getting the proper nutrition this time around and am encouraged by coming on this site and seeing
  9. Hello everyone! After my conversion from lap band to gbs, I developed a hernia at the site of my old port. It is not painful, so there's no urgency to getting it fixed, so I am going to see if I can arrange to have a tummy tuck at the same time. Anyone out there who's done that? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the responses! Allygator, you are totally right and I needed that reminder. I will start adding back in a protein shake a day and see if it helps. It's so counterintuitive to add calories to assist weight loss, even tho I know the testimonials are out there that this is the case! Nana60, there def are people who struggle with too much weightloss, and I do not envy that at all. But I have seen no reason to believe that starting at a lower weight puts you at any greater risk of that. But at 5' 7", 196, you really are on the very low side. I'm only 5'4"! Did you get approved
  11. Hi! It's been a while since I've been on here. I've been meaning to write this post for a while. My surgery was May 4 2010. I have been very lucky and had an incredibly easy experience. I used to get really bad stomachaches from dairy, sugar, and large amounts of starch, but that has largely gone away. I do NOT get full easily and I am constantly hungry. My diet has generally been pretty good, mostly because what really agrees with me is fruits and vegetables. I used to worry about the protein and drink lots of protein shakes, but I've largely dropped that. My exercise has been in
  12. I had the band for 6 years and I never ever figured out any kind of a pattern. Some days I could eat a lot, and some days just about anything would make me puke. I always found it really stressful when I had to eat with other people, which was often. I had no idea what to order since I never knew if I'd be able to eat it or not. All I ever figured out was that oily foods went down a lot easier. I never had great weight loss with it, so after all those years I finally converted to GBS.
  13. So pain meds give you an "attack" similar to a gall bladder attack? Because that's for sure what it felt like to me. Maybe it is the oxycodone, tho my intolerance would have had to develop since May when I was taking it multiple times daily. Thanks!
  14. I asked about adhesions specifically because I have read on this site about yours and a couple of others. My doctor told me the reason adhesions cause pain is that they cause a blockage, but she didn't think I had a blockage because I never actually vomitted anything up (only dry heaves) and I was eating the whole time. When you've had those episodes, have you had nausea that's lasted for multiple days after the pain has dissipated? Thanks for your reply...
  15. Thanks everyone. I'm considering conducting an experiment and taking the oxycodone again and seeing if I get sick. If I do, I have my answer. Though I really doubt that's it. Aside from that, I'm just going to wait for it to happen again and seek medical attention while it's going on so I can hopefully get it diagnosed.
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