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    Enjoy world travel, languages spoken are English, Spanish. Enjoy outdoors, hiking and camping, fishing, computers, single engine aircraft, boating and scuba diving. I'll try anything once if it doesn't kill me. I consider myself lucky in life and live every moment as if it is my last. Love Laugh and Live
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  1. Running

    Never too late for someone / anyone. I did a lot of running etc when big. It ripped a lot of muscle tissue at joints that the body wrong sent calcium to repair.
  2. pouch stretching

    I have researched this topic awhile back, post surgery the average size of the stomach is 2 to 3 ounces. Your stomach can stretch or mature to a maximum of 6 to 9 ounces. A regular stomach holds about 30 ounces.
  3. A must share moment

    GBS saved my life and there is not a day that goes by I acknowledge how good it has made me feel about myself. It truly is the greatest gift I ever received in my life. Truly a miracle.
  4. Running

    Run til your hearts content but heed this warning, don't start running until you have lost your weight. The damage you will do to your joints, is permanent. Talk with an Orthopedic surgeon beforehand, you'll be glad you did.
  5. Article-After the Honeymoon

    I consider myself blessed. I haven't gained anything without wanting to and even then I needed to make a conscious effort to gain. The feelings expressed here for those who have gained or are gaining are harrowing to read and a disheartening reminder to me of life before GBS and the ongoing life struggles I/we face(d). God bless you all and all the best, remember love yourself first.
  6. SEVERE leg cramps!!!

    Potassium and magnesium before bed. And a bar of lavender handsoap under your bed sheets around where your legs are situated at night are reported to be very helpful.
  7. Post surgery I discontinued CPAP use after about a year without a problem. My wife has always been my best sleep analyzer. Today the tables have swung around and it is she who is in need of a CPAP. She doesn't want to go there but.... I'm growing tired sleeping in our guest room nights she keeps waking me up from her snoring. It's more pronounced when she is overtired from working double shifts back to back. .
  8. djlustig pray you replace the loss of food with a healthier addiction, like work ($) as opposed to alcohol or drugs (prescription or Street). Cross addiction is a serious problem for GBS recipients. We all need to be very cognizant of this high risk factor. Good luck.
  9. B12 Deficiency

    I have since the beginning of my journey taken B12 injection 1000 units monthly. I do it myself, it's been a painless experience. Good luck
  10. July 2009 Staplers

    Hello my Alumni Long time ago (July 2009) I took control of my body. WLS. It has been the best decision I ever made for myself. Today Sept 2017 I maintain at 177 +/- 5 pounds either side. I have enjoyed good health without any complications. I had my gallbladder bladder out just this, year in July but don't think it related, who knows. To anyone considering this operation all I can say is don't hesitate. Be kind to yourself just once and you will never forget or look back on your self.
  11. Hello all you skinny people! I am 10 year post op, maintaining my weight loss at 197 from the high 300's. I am curious and calling out to 10 yr post ops to compare and share what supplements your taking these days related to gastric bypass (ONLY). I lead with mine Daily One a Day 50+ Centrum multi vitamin One Vitamin D tablet One Iron capsule Montly Once a month self administered intramuscular injection of B12
  12. Can I ask, I am a gastric bypass recipient, successful, since 2007.  Now I am getting chemotherapy for cancer, side affects are horrible and it was suggest by others at the hospital to go with medicine marijuanna. I never smoked in my life anything and if I were to do this it would be edibles if at all.  Can you enlighten me a little about what will happen, absorption, how long it would last, health concerns as a result, risk. As a layman of course

    1. TheColdestAugust


      first of all, i am so sorry about your cancer diagnosis. that can't be easy, and i'm sending all the good vibes your way for fast remission.

      uhm... as far as what will happen, it's hard to explain... but it's like your mind just goes on a huge high. your muscles, emotions... everything just relaxes and goes into a calm state. it's helped me with my depression and anxiety, as well as my migranes. absorption depends on the person and the amount of cannabis you consume. i suggest going with very SMALL doses to begin with, to see how your body reacts. i have had a couple of freakouts where i took too much too soon. it also takes a while for it to kick in. so don't go taking more just because you think it's not working... give it about 30 mins lol, it will!

      there are no known health risks or concerns. you'll be fine.

      i loved hitting from a bowl, but i can't do that much anymore due to my voice. so i have had to rely on edibles, which sometimes can be more potent. so as i said... take your time.

      keep me updated. i hope all goes well!

  13. Song of the day Post -

    May you find comfort, happiness and love in this very short life we live on Earth. We peak at 26 years physically and then start to decline on a bio -cellular level until death. Lifestyle will determines how fast we decline.
  14. Alcohol?

    Well I am kicking alcohol out of my life permanently. I have resolved I will not have any alcohol as in ZERO TOLERANCE in the house or around me. I find alcohol is starting to dominate my lifestyle and I don't like it at all. Alcohol for a GBS recipient is a temptation that needs to be walked away from. Another addiction I picked up on recently listening to my wife complaining that I buy too much crap. I would rationalize it was on sale at a good price, we use it eventually. I got thinking about her statements and realized she had a point! its on my list of things to keep in check. I need to channel this cross addiction problem into something positive, just not sure what that will be yet! Hopefully something I love to do and would do for free but find someone who will pay me! LOL
  15. Sunnybrook Research Institute study findings

    I don't accept doctors, and all other stakeholders are not aware of cross addiction potenttialities. Any layman with am Internet connection can figure it out. Comprehensive psychotherapy however could hinder the surgical process ultimately impacting the bottom line. Not a "big revelation" to medically trained and I'd even go so far to say it a no brainer. Doctors and stakeholders need to not ignore this real side effect post surgery potential and ensure their patients have the needed resources to address the matter should it present itself.