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    Enjoy world travel, languages spoken are English, Spanish. Enjoy outdoors, hiking and camping, fishing, computers, single engine aircraft, boating and scuba diving. I'll try anything once if it doesn't kill me. I consider myself lucky in life and live every moment as if it is my last. Love Laugh and Live
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  1. I'd like to challenge everyone on this topic and in turn we can help all of us facing this real threat called Addiction transfer which takes many "NEGATIVE" forms: food, alcohol, substance abuse, uncontrolled spending, smoking, sexual promiscuity, gambling are common themes we read about over and over again. It never came up in my pre- bariatric programmes. That being said I always remember one doctor I asked about cross addiction to which he replied, the trick would be to replace your addiction reflex with a "POSITIVE" hopefully moneyu making addiction. So my challenge is for all of us to put our enrgy into suggesting just that here for people to consider. Sportfishing is my submission, it has help me earn money guiding people to fish, something I'm very good at and love doing and would do it for free truth be known. Any others ................
  2. Thank you for taking the time from your busy child rearing schedule to warn others of what you had to suffer through to learn. Wishing you all the best with your new found family love. God bless
  3. Agreed its not a shortcoming just a natural addictive reaction however for me I've never been able to figure the cut off point for myself because I always surpassed it far too late to correct myself, thus a total abstain is the best choice for me. My surgeon was right when he said no alcohol. I should have listened to him then but I'm listening now.
  4. I'm just happy that email came today. Information is empowering. All that I have, written above today and having the benefit of a loving supportive wife (still).
  5. Yesterday I was completely at a loss in my life. I felt a hollow emptiness, a void in my life. I have been struggling with Denial. I've been so down on myself and feeling very isolated, definitely cruising full steam to depression. No fun whatsoever. I felt it attributable to a cross addiction to alcohol. I would never thought, myself, ever falling into something of this sort (smarter than that) given my background. But yesterday I was confused and hurting, wondering where I needed to turn to for answers how to get myself turned around right again. For reasons unexplained, there it was, I received a out of the blue Thinner Times email over night that hyperlinked me to this forum discussion on cross addiction (Google listening to my searches lol). I know I'm in the right place.I feel the support I need to help me re-focus here as I've always felt in the past and it will help me move forward with my life. Unlike some of the stories I've read (and I thank and respect each and everyone who have bared, shared and will bare and, share their life experiences here). Luckily, I sense I'm not quite yet facing a do or die (hit bottom but do I need to, nope!) I know I'm headed there fast and furious. Cross Addiction for me never came up pre-surgery 12 years ago in 2007 although I worried it would/could become an issue. It was never discussed with me pre-surgery. Utilizing gastric bypass support sites and knowing where they are etc did get mentioned. Well, finally it's front and centre now, thank God, cause lord knows at least 30% of us, need all information and guidance through this terrible side effect of gastric bypass. Understanding the problem (is half the problem solved) and knowing your not alone, talking and sharing about it with others going through the same is a God send. I look forward to doing that with you all.
  6. Although I have not read the entire thread "yet" (I will) I am so relieved to read people are finally coming forward about this very real threat faced by all RNY (and variants) recipients. I too have struggled with this issue for a number of years. On again off again to the point I have realized I should of listened to my surgeon when he said "no alcohol". I never drank before my surgery 10 years ago. I really feel this issue "cross addiction" has slowly come to a boil. Good, its overdue I have been dismayed it was never considered seriously 12 years ago when it was so apparent a risk to me. I'm very happy to see there is support here amongst us all. Reading other peoples real life stories and what they have endured to recover and regain themselves, and their lives is motivating and inspiring towards my own recovery efforts.
  7. Information and Research today has exploded prolifically throughout the internet, on this area of medicine. Now there is better informed published papers available to us ONLINE to read and consider before deciding on the surgery or not. Best practise is in my opinion, attend a GBS Surgeon seminar and ask away
  8. I am very pleased with now online information published on the WWW. for us all to find regarding cross addictions and alcohol vs gastric bypass recipients. There is no reason for any of us here to remain ignorant on the subject matter(s) and be empowered with information, to take the steps needed to prevent or control the matter as GBS recipients. For me personally, I continue to abstain from alcohol, there is no substitute in my eyes. There are times I still find myself craving an ice cold beer like when I've worked in the garden on a hot summer day or cleared the driveway of snow (2 beers in the snowbank always for once finished) and i fight rationalizing it. I just say to my self no no no we are not going there. When I drank, I would get drunk very very quickly, however never quick enough to stop me going for another drink and then after it was too late for me to control the next and next etc... I also stayed drunk for a very long time. Never a hangover mind you. It was ridiculous really reflecting back now. All I can say is refrain from drinking, its just not going to work out well for us. Not to mention the potential damage in totality it is doing to our body. Research online, you will see for yourself. What the surgeon told us all at the group seminar pre surgery is true, abstain from alcohol is best practise post op. I know now he was 100% right. in saying that.
  9. Wusang


    Never too late for someone / anyone. I did a lot of running etc when big. It ripped a lot of muscle tissue at joints that the body wrong sent calcium to repair.
  10. I have researched this topic awhile back, post surgery the average size of the stomach is 2 to 3 ounces. Your stomach can stretch or mature to a maximum of 6 to 9 ounces. A regular stomach holds about 30 ounces.
  11. GBS saved my life and there is not a day that goes by I acknowledge how good it has made me feel about myself. It truly is the greatest gift I ever received in my life. Truly a miracle.
  12. Wusang


    Run til your hearts content but heed this warning, don't start running until you have lost your weight. The damage you will do to your joints, is permanent. Talk with an Orthopedic surgeon beforehand, you'll be glad you did.
  13. I consider myself blessed. I haven't gained anything without wanting to and even then I needed to make a conscious effort to gain. The feelings expressed here for those who have gained or are gaining are harrowing to read and a disheartening reminder to me of life before GBS and the ongoing life struggles I/we face(d). God bless you all and all the best, remember love yourself first.
  14. Potassium and magnesium before bed. And a bar of lavender handsoap under your bed sheets around where your legs are situated at night are reported to be very helpful.
  15. Post surgery I discontinued CPAP use after about a year without a problem. My wife has always been my best sleep analyzer. Today the tables have swung around and it is she who is in need of a CPAP. She doesn't want to go there but.... I'm growing tired sleeping in our guest room nights she keeps waking me up from her snoring. It's more pronounced when she is overtired from working double shifts back to back. .